MBA Specialty in Pharmaceutical Marketing


Program Description

The pharmaceutical industry and pharmacies are developed in a complex and extremely regulated environment. The investigation of new drugs is quite expensive and it takes a lot of time for it.

For this reason, pharmaceutical marketing professionals must be prepared to face the challenges that arise in the way of the success of the brands they manage.

This MBA with a specialty in Pharmaceutical Marketing offers the opportunity to train and develop skills in the field of business management, marketing, branding and digital communication to apply strategic plans to products, services or companies with the best strategy adapted to all current regulations.


  • Graduates who wish to specialize in the field of pharmaceutical marketing, especially recommended for Graduates in Pharmacy, Chemistry, Medicine, Biology and Veterinary Medicine.
  • Community Pharmacists interested in learning to develop and implement a tactical and strategic marketing plan in their community pharmacy.
  • People who work in companies linked to the pharmaceutical industry sector.
  • Any professional of the Community Pharmacy or pharmaceutical laboratory looking for a specialization in the commercial and marketing areas.

OBJECTIVES of the Master in Business Management and Administration (MBA) - Specialty in Pharmaceutical Marketing

This master's degree aimed at the pharmaceutical industry aims for the student to be able to implement a successful management strategy, as well as to train him to evaluate the suitability of a commercial strategy, analyzing the marketing plan on which it is based, thus guaranteeing the desired results for your company.

  • Understand the complexity of the pharmaceutical environment to be able to efficiently manage the community pharmacy or the pharmaceutical laboratory.
  • Learn to develop an on-off marketing plan, both in the pharmaceutical industry and in the community pharmacy and follow it up, defining objectives and monitoring their behavior in order to reorient the actions of the plan if necessary.
  • To obtain the theoretical and practical resources that allow professionals to build sustainable "pharmacy brands" and "product brands" that respond to market demands and are successful over time.

Methodology and Evaluation


IMF offers a flexible methodology adapted to your needs, whatever your geographical location or time availability. This master can be completed under:

  • Online methodology: The whole agenda will be at your disposal from our virtual campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Distance methodology: You will have the course material in book format.

All the contents are fully updated and have a great technical rigor, easily understandable and with a clear practical vocation.

IMF puts at your disposal:

  • Personal tutoring e-presencial (via forums, chat, telephone, email).
  • Webinars
  • Debates and discussion groups through forums and chats.
  • Self-assessment test.
  • Readings, case studies and documentation.
  • Live classes


Continuous evaluation as progress is made in the study of the Master. Each module will be evaluated through the combination of online exam and development of case studies; the overcoming of each one will allow to free matter.

Likewise, obtaining the Master's degrees of IMF and Master's Degree from the University of Nebrija, will be subject to passing the tests of each module and to the preparation of an end-of-master project.

Professional outings

Students who pass this master's degree will be able to work in:

  • Community pharmacies
  • Companies or marketing agencies of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Advertising agencies of the health sector
  • Pharmaceutical distributors
  • Pharmaceutical business schools
  • Hospital pharmacies

Price and Scholarships

At IMF we offer our students great payment facilities:

  • Scholarship up to 65%
  • Financing up to 12 months without interest or banking intervention (see conditions)
  • Payment method: Cash (5% discount) / Interest-free installment payment
Last updated Mar 2020

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IMF is a national reference in training to businesses and individuals; attested by the more than 125,000 students trained. Our training is based on the diversity of areas and expertise of the subjects we teach. We want to grow with you. The aim is to ensure a high level of satisfaction of our customers through personalized attention and excellence in service quality. This objective requires continuous improvement in the technical and material resources, and maximum involvement of all staff training to IMF is a different experience. Read less
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