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MBA - Digital Marketing and Sales: general information

The MBA specialty Digital Marketing and Sales of EUschool is a high level professional training that provides the knowledge and the fundamental tools for the direction and management of business in an international business environment marked by Digital Transformation and Internet.

The MBA Online - Master in Business Administration and Management offers a global vision of business management based on detailed knowledge of cross-cutting areas common to the entire organization, such as strategic management, human resources, finance, marketing and sales . The Specialty in Digital Marketing and Online Sales is an essential complement for those managers who want to be in line with the new digital business models , in which innovation, differentiation and added value are essential to attract and retain the customer.

A manager, in addition to defining and setting policies and business strategies, must be able to implement online campaigns (communication, promotion and loyalty), master the necessary analytical means to track and measure the effectiveness of campaigns, establish a online sales and commercial plan , through the control of all the resources offered by the network for consumer knowledge and segmentation .

Online MBA: transversal subjects

Strategic management Commercial and Marketing Management Resource Address Financial management
  • Introduction to strategic management
  • Strategy and strategic analysis
  • Selection of strategy in organizations
  • Preparation and implementation of strategic plans
  • Change management
  • Marketing and the marketing process
  • Strategic planning and market research
  • The Marketing Mix
  • Operational marketing tactics
  • Structure of the marketing plan and business plan
  • Organizational and Human Resources Bases
  • The strategic direction of Human Resources
  • Attraction, selection and development of talent
  • Performance management and compensation
  • Conciliation, diversity and inclusion
  • Financial planning
  • Operational finance
  • Structural finance and investment decisions
  • Risk analysis
  • Financial management

Specialty in Digital Marketing and Sales: Practical Approach

The online MBA in Digital Marketing and Sales of EUschool is taught by experts and active professionals from the world of digital business and Digital Marketing, who transfer their knowledge and experiences directly to students.

Throughout the online MBA , in the hands of renowned professionals, you will learn to create and manage an online store, position the company's website in search engines (SEO / SEM), design a social media plan and measure and analyze (with tools of web analytics like Google AdWords ) constantly results, among many other practical aspects.

New business models require a digital technological base! It's time to specialize with the MBA specialty Digital Marketing and Sales !

Digital environment Customer Acquisition and Web Analytics Social media Digital Strategy and Marketing Plan
  • Introduction to the web The digital user
  • Creation and optimization of a web
  • Electronic commerce
  • Mobile Marketing
  • APPs and Geolocation strategy
  • Search engine strategy: SEO
  • Programmatic purchase
  • Email Marketing and Affiliation Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Management of social networks
  • Social analytics
  • Social network management tools
  • Community Manager functions
  • Campaigns in social networks
  • Social CRM
  • Brand creation and digital Branding
  • Digital sales tools
  • Digital Marketing Plan
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Plan

Online MBA with internships in companies

The online MBA in Digital Marketing and Sales offers a real opportunity to study an online MBA with internships in companies . All students of EUschool, including those outside Spain, can benefit from a period of international internships , from one to six months, in important companies and organizations based in Madrid.

International internships, or international internships, represent an excellent opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during the online MBA , to know in first person the demands of the job, as well as to find a way into the labor market. For international students, the practices offer the experience of living and discovering Madrid, as well as seeing, from within, the ways of doing business in Spain.

Did you think that an online MBA with international internships was not possible? At EUschool we offer you this ideal complement for your training. From the Department of International Internships, we select the companies that best suit your area of work, with the aim of ensuring that the practical period is as profitable as possible for your professional career. Study an MBA specialization in Digital Marketing and Sales and do internships in marketing departments, sales departments or digital marketing agencies!

Modality and Methodology

Modality is online, with the option of an International Face-to-Face Week in Madrid.

The classes, with an eminently practical orientation, are followed through a virtual platform, with live online videoconferences. These classes are taught on Saturdays, being recorded for students who do not participate directly and want to follow the schedule at another time.

Throughout the week, students deepen their knowledge, applying it to their professional environment through the realization of exercises, case studies and forum.

Next editions

  • September 2020 to March 2021
    Transversal subjects of MBA
  • March to September 2021
    Specialty Classes Project Management
  • 27 to July 31, 2020
    Option to participate in the International Week in Madrid

Price and Scholarships

Payment Methods:

  • Course price: € 3,590
  • Reservation of registration: € 500 (Included in the total price)
  • 10% discount for single payment
  • Possibility of split payment

EUschool is born with the vocation to offer quality training at affordable prices and we do not want the price to be an obstacle. You can request information about our aid in the mail:

Admission Process and Requirements

Students who wish to take the Master's degree should follow the following process:

  1. Admission request:
    Sending the registration form accompanied by the following documentation:
    • DNI, Passport or Residence Card.
    • Title of the studies carried out that of access to University Master's studies.
    • Authorization of data processing.
      * For students who do not have a university degree, it is necessary to send a letter certifying professional experience.
  2. Personal interview
  3. Evaluation of the admissions committee: The candidate will be informed in writing of his admission.
  4. Enrollment: Once the candidate has been admitted, he / she must make the reservation of the place, through the payment of tuition reservation.

International Week









Headquarters EUschool Madrid

27 to July 31, 2020

From 9:30 to 13:00 and from 3:00 to 6:30

On-site: Workshops and tools that are totally practical

Diploma of assistance

€ 795 (Travel and accommodation not included, lunch included)

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EUschool, es una Escuela de Negocios, con sede en Madrid, cuyo objetivo es ofrecer una formación internacional de calidad a precios accesibles.

EUschool, es una Escuela de Negocios, con sede en Madrid, cuyo objetivo es ofrecer una formación internacional de calidad a precios accesibles. Read less