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New England College’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides working professionals and recent graduates with the proven business and leadership skills needed for today’s rapidly changing global environment. Specialty curriculum provides students with the opportunity to focus on specific areas of study or industries.

This 40-credit MBA can be completed in 20 months. The course delivery and structure are specifically designed for working professionals to make the most efficient use of time and to optimize the learning experience. Core courses are offered online or on-campus. Some concentration area courses are offered online only.

MBA Core Curriculum, 28 credits*

  • Organizational Leadership and Change
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Finance for Leaders
  • Economics for Leaders
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Planning and Policy
  • Capstone Project

* Core courses are offered online, or on-campus. Some concentration courses are offered online only.

MBA Concentrations Designed for Today’s Business World*

New England College offers a wide range of relevant concentrations to help you focus your learning and build your expertise in your professional area of interest, including:

Computer Information Systems

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that technical management positions will grow by 15% over the 5 years, this an opportune time to pursue an MBA with a concentration in CIS.Designed for managers who work in the tech industry, this concentration will provide students with strong analytical management skills coupled with an understanding of how to leverage information systems to achieve strategic business goals.

Outcomes of the concentration in Computer Information Systems:

  • Apply management skills, teamwork, and leadership ability to align technical requirements with strategic goals
  • Understanding of how to build data-systems that support decision-making
  • Proficiency in using data management as a key organizational differentiator

Health Informatics

MBA program in Health Informatics is targeted to professionals with varying levels of experience who are working in healthcare institutions. Most of these professionals come from a technical, IT background, and have faced challenges to successfully develop management skills in addition to their technical proficiency. However, there are also a significant number of individuals with a clinical background (nurses and pharmacists, among others) that have become increasingly involved in managing the health informatics area.

Healthcare Management

MBA program in Healthcare Management provides students with the proven leadership skills needed to meet today’s challenges in the healthcare industry. Oriented to the needs of both the emerging and newly established healthcare leader, the comprehensive curriculum offers both quantitative and qualitative courses, all taught by established healthcare leaders.

Nonprofit Leadership

MBA program in Non-profit Leadership is the distillation of the best of our management degrees tailored for those with goals in non-profit leadership. Students will be prepared to advance their career in various nonprofit organizations, social work, and community-based organizations. Students will focus on innovative leadership such as dynamics of nonprofit governance, financial management, and fund-raising.

Project Management

MBA program in Project Management is designed for project management professionals who want to have a competitive advantage by adding value to their organization. Making long and short-term business decisions, supply chain management, contract management, quality analysis, are important aspects of this program.

Sport and Recreation Management

MBA program in Sport and Recreation Management is designed for a student seeking a comprehensive understanding of sport and recreation management as it relates to the roles and responsibilities of intercollegiate coaches. The program includes courses in which the theoretical and conceptual aspects of sports management and the psychological dimensions of coaching are explored. Research courses have been designed to provide students with the necessary skills to investigate problems of practice and increase evidence-based decision-making.

Strategic Leadership

MBA program in Strategic Leadership is designed for today’s professional who operates in a global and rapidly changing environment. The degree addresses strategic opportunities produced by a global economy as well as entrepreneurial approaches to solving problems and capitalizing on new business ventures.

Strategic Sales Management

Students seeking careers in product, service, or brand management will be prepared to design and oversee successful sales strategies while maintaining customer relationships in a variety of organizational settings.

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