This MBA trains high level executives capable of making creative and real decisions , to face the increasingly complex and changing challenges. Special emphasis is placed on the financial and accounting area of the company , including an economic approach specific to this sector.

Double Degree Summa University

Thanks to the agreement between the European Graduate Institute and Summa University, you can study your graduate degree by obtaining an American Dual Degree with this program. The recognition and merit of both institutions offer a prestigious formation at an international level .

Why choose this Online MBA?

It trains you as a specialist in this business area, allowing you to occupy positions of managerial responsibility.

  • Because it will allow you to develop your managerial skills, with special incidence in the financial and accounting areas of the company, fundamental in the decision making.
  • Because you will develop your analytical skills and develop a complete knowledge of financial markets, accounting and finance area of a company and learn to identify and manage the various risks that affect it.
  • Because you will acquire knowledge, skills and aptitudes that will allow you to provide effective solutions to the new challenges of companies.


  1. Effective People Management (4 ECTS)
  2. Strategic Marketing (3 ECTS)
  3. Financial Accounting for Management (4 ECTS)
  4. Financial Markets (4 ECTS)
  5. Financial and Investment Analysis: Business Valuation (3.5 ECTS)
  6. Analysis of Costs in Decision Making (3 ECTS)
  7. Treasury Management (3 ECTS)
  8. Risks, Means of Payment and Financing of Foreign Trade (3.5 ECTS)
  9. Strategic Management: Search for Competitive Excellence (4 ECTS)
  10. Process Management (4 ECTS)
  11. Business Financing (3 ECTS)
  12. Management Instruments (3 ECTS)
  13. Entrepreneurship and Business Plan (3 ECTS)
  14. End of Program Project: Business Management Simulator (15 ECTS)

Proximity and personalization

The contact of students, teachers and tutors is continuous through the virtual platform, it will also have:

  • Total availability of materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Raising doubts at any time of the day.
  • Continuous communication through the discussion forums.

Thanks to this and the structure of the contents, the evaluation of the programs is fundamentally practical.


"The study methodology seems to me ideal for people like me, who are working and do not have enough time to have face-to-face classes or to keep pace with work and constant study." On the other hand, the involvement of the staff of the School and the Teachers have been very close to the student. " Lucía Vaquero Otero

Study aid - Financing

The Institute has a scholarship program that can cover up to 65% of the cost of tuition . In each call a limited number of scholarships are offered based on the personal, professional or economic situation of the candidates.

There are also special financing conditions, in order to help students to assume the cost of the course through a system of deferred payments.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated July 19, 2019
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