MBA in Digital Business


Program Description

An innovative Business School concept

At IEBS we take a step forward compared to the traditional business school model:

  • The traditional learning model is rigid and not very flexible because it is based on the standardized and unchanging industrial society model.
  • The IEBS learning model is modern, flexible and adaptive because it is designed to respond to today's world and constant change.
  • We propose a learning that integrates technology and innovation as part of the subject matter, always offering the most current knowledge.
  • We think of a 2.0 learning model that gives priority to the ability to “learn to learn”, developing the skills necessary to successfully face today's challenges.
  • We integrate traditional models as the case method, with the most current learning currents, thanks to web 2.0.

After all, a book no longer guarantees us that we will learn everything we need to know in life.

At IEBS , the student is prepared to become a leading professional, capable of innovating, undertaking and providing value to their companies, in a changing environment, through a new way of doing business.

Who is IEBS ?

IEBS , the first digital native business school in Spanish in the world, was founded in 2009 with the aim of offering an alternative to traditional business schools, with a commitment to an innovative learning model capable of responding to the real needs of the companies and professionals that live in a society in constant change and transformation. We propose an agile and modern school, capable of being up to date with the latest trends and based on solid values to form more responsible people, who lead projects with Entrepreneurship from Innovation, Ethics and Sustainability.

Our goal is to train the new leaders that the world we live in demands; able to undertake, innovate and create value to their companies, their employees and society in a sustainable and profitable way.

International character

IEBS born in innovation and entrepreneurship in Spain by the hand of Seedrocket, the first startup accelerator in Spain that has Google as one of its main partners. Its main headquarters are located in Madrid and Barcelona, two of the most important cities in the European and global landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship, sources of innovation and trends that allow IEBS bring the most innovative talent and knowledge to all its students . IEBS has its headquarters in Latin America, on the banks of the Río de la Plata, in Montevideo from where it connects the innovative culture, talent and the most innovative knowledge with all the countries of Latin America.

About UCAM

UCAM University and IEBS join forces to develop degrees related to the digital economy. This alliance represents the union of two modern and dynamic institutions that share vision and values, being its main hallmarks of innovation, research, social responsibility and connection with the world of business.


The MBA Online in Digital Business offers you all the knowledge and skills essential to run and manage a technology-based and Internet company . This training program covers all areas of knowledge of business management, adapting to the characteristics of the current business world where innovation and change are decisive for the future.

The Master in Digital and Internet Business Management aims to train professionals with specific training capable of running Internet and technology-based companies or leading the change in the traditional company. With this MBA Online you will learn to:

  • Incorporate innovation and technology in your business model.
  • Analyze and study business strategies and models for technology companies .
  • Direct projects and motivate high performance teams .
  • Incorporate e-commerce and alternative distribution channels in operations.
  • Apply innovative techniques of Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing .
  • Turn your organization into a 4.0 Company

During this call you can access the Innova Aid plan that covers 25% of the amount of the MBA Online in Digital Business or consult our Scholarship Policy requesting information.

At the end of the Online MBA you will be perfectly able to:

  • Direct and manage a digital company.
  • Transform a traditional company.
  • Incorporate innovation, technology and automation in your value chain.
  • Analyze and study business strategies and models for technology and digitalized companies.
  • Know the legal aspects associated with this market.
  • Integrate innovation : fintech, edtech, growth strategy, open innovation.
  • Apply the most appropriate technologies : Mobile, Machine Learning, IoT, 3D, etc.
  • Attract, capture and retain talent by implementing a 4.0 organizational culture .
  • Apply agile methodologies and new organizational models.
  • Lead and motivate high performance teams using the Corporate Entrepreneurship.
  • Use the most appropriate digital marketing and sales strategies .
  • Incorporate electronic commerce and all distribution channels in operations.
  • Apply Communication and Public Relations and Social Media Optimization techniques.

Admission and registration

The program has a limited number of places. In this way we promote personalized contact between student and teacher, so that each teacher becomes a mentor of the student with a direct and close treatment.

Admission applications are processed in strict order of reception and are assessed by an evaluation committee formed by the program director, the academic director and the admissions coordinator. To fill in the application for admission click on the following button:


The pre-registration period is open until September 30. During this period you can reserve and guarantee your place in the program and if you make your reservation before July 31, you will also get an additional 10% discount on your registration.


The deadline to complete your enrollment in this program ends on November 24 or at the time the quota of available places is completed.

Admission requirements

The student interested in pursuing this program and applying for a double Master's degree from IEBS and UCAM, must meet or accredit the requirements indicated in the following options:

  • OPTION A. With a university degree: accredit or be in possession of the degree or equivalent Spanish university degree or failing that, equivalent foreign studies that give access to postgraduate studies. Photocopies of the titles submitted must be legalized in accordance with Spanish law.
  • OPTION B. Without a university degree: in the case of not having a university degree, the outstanding professional experience of at least 5 years may be accredited with company certificates, provided that it is related to the field of study of the master's degree.

All documentation provided must be duly translated into Spanish by an official translator. The documents to be provided by each student are:

  1. Passport, National Identity Document (DNI) or equivalent identity document,
  2. Authorization signed by the student for the processing of their personal data,
  3. Legalized photocopy of the university degree of higher education either by the Apostille of The Hague or by the comparison with a notary / notary or company certifications of the remarkable professional experience of at least 5 years specifying the functions performed, the advanced projects, the period of Time worked, the staff in charge, provided that the experience is related to the field of study of the master. If the student does not send the original company certificates, they may be certified / certified / notarized / authenticated photocopies before a notary / notary.

Note: The delivery period in digital format is 1 month from the date of registration.

Scholarships and grants

IEBS has an exclusive program of scholarships and grants to facilitate its students access to study programs. His commitment is to help people really interested in training and promoting their career. With these scholarships, IEBS improves their job prospects and gives them the opportunity to reorient their professional career.

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

IEBS, the School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, born during the world crisis with the aim of providing a real alternative to traditional teaching model alternative.

IEBS, the School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, born during the world crisis with the aim of providing a real alternative to traditional teaching model alternative. Read less