International Cooperation always related to two or more stakeholders to exchange knowledge transfer techniques and technologies, skills and experiences, with the aim of collaborating in the search for mutually favorable solutions. This essential spirit of international cooperation has been increasing its presence in today's global society, it is now a socio-political, economic and organizational, public sector receiving increasing attention and concern from local and international organizational and private , making international cooperation actors from governments to multinational and local NGOs or foundations.

This is now a scenario that requires an increasing effort to achieve professionalization of the sector for the socio-ethical robot organizational commitment in the realization of projects that effectively reduce the inequalities that occur in today's society.

The Master of Design, Management and Project Management International Cooperation addresses this commitment to define the International Cooperation as a set of resources and capabilities which, players need to increase their chances of progress and economic growth and socio-organizational asking, other actors can cover and are willing to make it accessible. In this perspective a Cooperation Project to generate proposals / mutually favorable solutions is necessary.

Duration, credit structure and degree

The estimated program Master in Design, Management and Project Management International Cooperation duration is 900 hours (90 credits). Regarding the distribution of time, it is established that: - As a distance program and not subject to face-to-face classes, no specific start date is established, so that the student can formalize the registration at any time, provided that places available.

  • By academic or educational reasons, it has a minimum duration of the program of twenty months.
  • The maximum time available for the program is twenty-four months. In this time period, the student must have successfully completed all activities evaluated and approved the Final Master Project or Thesis.

The Master of Design, Management and Project Management International Cooperation arises from the demand for professionalism in the industry with a vision of international cooperation that enhances the importance of the project as a device that allows you to design solutions with a systemic, comprehensive and global view and, manage and direct the orchestration of resources and capabilities that enable economic and socio-organizational benefit for all stakeholders.

The Master of Design, Management and Project Management International Cooperation balanced and unique program that ranges from the general context and cooperation theory to organizational, financial, economic, and human relations of international cooperation projects under a unique dual approach that favors one hand the integral nature of the project in phases of Design, Management and Directors, and on the other hand, support and sustenance in ICT and cooperative and collaborative work models and management.


The Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) periodically allocates an economic game with extraordinary FUNIBER Scholarship in Education. To apply, simply submit your request to grant the required data portal home page, and the Evaluation Committee will consider the suitability of your application for the grant of financial assistance in the form of Fellowship Training FUNIBER.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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