International Master Smart City Manager


Program Description

The Master is designed under the framework of the Smart City concept, in order to provide the participant with a multidisciplinary approach, taking into account the emerging technological tools in the different urban contexts.

We train students to become a Smart City Manager, who will lead Smart Cities departments, with the aim of providing coherence to all the initiatives and projects of a city, from a smart and sustainable approach.

Today, 55% of the world's population lives in urban areas and it is projected that by 2050 this figure will increase by up to 68%

In this context, the sustainable development of cities is more relevant than ever. The new urban models must be conceived from a more respectful and sensitive perspective with the citizens and the planet.

The focus of the Master is on understanding, projecting and evaluating how the decisions and actions taken in the development of projects and in the usual activity of our organizations, have multiple economic, environmental, social and technological impacts.

Professional Projection

You will become the agent of change in cities, being the leading figure in different types of urban projects and ensuring efficient results in interdisciplinary teams: members of the urban and regional administration, representatives of the urban economic environment, architects, engineers, as well as technicians who work in the field of planning and implementation of smart solutions for data analysts, economists, geologists, cartographers, lawyers, among others.

  • 72 % Students employed as Smart City Managers
  • 32 % Salary increase
  • 43 % More professional opportunities
  • 96 % Students would recommend it

Academic Content

Block 1: Introductory

Module 1. New Urban Agenda for Cities 4.0

Module 2. Intelligent Urban Development

Module 3. Intelligent Equipment and Buildings

Block 2: Noun

Module 1. Infrastructure and Mobility

Module 2. Sustainability and Circular Economy

Module 3. Intelligent Networks and Infrastructures

Block 3: Instrumental

Module 1. Strategic Projects and International Tender

Module 2. Provision of Urban Services

Module 3. Citizens, Government, and Valuation of Data

Block 4: Master's Final Project

In the TFM the students will propose a subject, object of work within the framework of the areas studied in the different subjects of the Master. The work will consist of the development of a Smart City project applicable to some urban transformation, contemplating the objectives pursued, its design, the actors that attend, its scheduling, the economic valuation, the financing, the implementation, the expected results and its subsequent evaluation ; according to the instructions that will be provided throughout the Master.

An online Master with international weeks on-site

This program presents an experience that combines online training and face-to-face learning, with international (optional) activities that create the optimal opportunity to understand the conceptualization of BIM and how this methodology should be adopted in projects around the world. For more information about these activities, click on the cities of your interest.

Our unique learning method

Since its inception, Zigurat has offered training that links academic knowledge with professional requirements. For this reason, it has the most influential and reputable organizations and professionals in the industry in order to provide an immersive experience in the industry.

  • Real projects that are changing the world
  • Practical learning or 'learning by doing'
  • The impact of technology on engineering and architecture
  • Collaborative work

Last updated Mar 2020

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