Lighting technician course


Program Description

Lighting technician course

The lighting in a live performance is essential for maximum impact on the audience. In the course of lighting we offer in CPA Online, we provide the necessary training to be able to select the most appropriate team for each production and lighting in different media, taking into account aspects such as the characters, the scenes, the rate of a concert, the subject of a television program and instructions received on the technical, artistic and production of the project.

We wanted to give the lighting technician course a very professional approach with multiple practical exercises. Thus, you will learn first-hand coordinate as a professional lighting technician installation process and maintenance of the stage lighting for any lighting project related to film, television, photography, performing arts and live music. Once the course is completed lighting, you'll be perfectly prepared to do the job of a lighting technician. Find out how to get it now!


  1. The light
  2. Basic Electricity
  3. Lighting equipment
  4. Illumination techniques in different media
  5. Color
  6. Assembly process and rotate
  7. Documentation for lighting
  8. Prevention of occupational risks


Voluntary practice sessions will be conducted in audiovisual facilities Salduie CPA (Zaragoza) Foundation, aimed at the experiments with audiovisual equipment to supplement the program contents.

Last updated October 2014

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