Level 5 – Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading


Program Description

The Advanced Diploma is accredited on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF), regulated by Ofqual.

Our course provides the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding for those wishing to work as a financial services professional. Typical occupational roles include; Trader, Sales Trader, Broker, Portfolio Manager, Risk Manager, Financial Analyst, Compliance Officer, as well as numerous middle-office regulatory roles.

The attaniment is the equivalent of a two-year foundation degree, or a Higher National Diploma (HND), holding 32 (RQF) qualification credits, transferable into further skills advancement.

Furthermore, our qualification benefits from the ability to have a Europass Certificate Supplement and also sitting as a Level 5 on the European Qualification Framework (EQF). Thus giving our qualification the ability to transcend on international systems.

For those who pass the course, they will receive a recognised Ofqual certification.

Level 5 is designed to enhance candidates understanding of finance and to fashion them into proprietary trading professionals. Trainees will be introduced to global financial futures markets encompassing divergent trading strategies inclusive of outright and spread trading (including inter-exchange, intra-exchange, and inter-commodity spreads) and arbitrage, used across FX, Fixed Income, Equity, and Commodity markets.

Candidates will be educated in Technical Analysis beginning with basic concepts such as support & resistance and how to interpret candlestick charts prior to progressing to a highly advanced form of market analysis known as Market Profile.

Market Profile enables learners to fully comprehend “how and why” markets react on a fundamental level. This understanding commission’s trainee’s with the ability to identify key market levels, positioning of large institutional players and ultimately affording them the ability to make informed trading decisions whilst minimizing risk.

The course covers macroeconomic theory, exploring key economic themes such as inflation, unemployment and interest rate policy which subsequently drives global markets. Alongside a firm grounding in macroeconomic theory, trainee‘s will be taught to analyze and assess key economic data and how to utilize statistics to improve their trading performance and profitability on a daily basis.

Level 5 also demonstrates “money and risk management protocols” designed to safeguard trading capital and ensure trading performance is as consistent and profitable as possible.

Finally, the course delves into a variety of psychological concepts such as NLP and Emotional Intelligence enabling candidates to develop a confident and competent winning mental state indicative of a successful long-term financial career.

Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading course constitutes part of a foundation degree.


Last updated Apr 2019

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Financial eLearning is the world’s first online UK Government Ofqual (Ofqual.gov.uk) accredited training provider offering an insight into the world of finance and trading.

Financial eLearning is the world’s first online UK Government Ofqual (Ofqual.gov.uk) accredited training provider offering an insight into the world of finance and trading. Read less