Level 3 – Diploma in Financial Trading


Program Description

The Diploma is accredited on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF), regulated by Ofqual.

The qualification provides an understanding of the key characteristics, mechanisms and influences on the financial markets, giving the learner a broad range of transferable skills, knowledge, and understanding through applied teaching.

Typical occupational roles include; Trade Support, Sales Trade Support, Dealer Support, Back Office Administration, Portfolio Manager Support, Risk Manager support, Junior Financial Analyst, Compliance and Regulatory Administration.

The qualification holds 18 credits on the RQF, and we are awaiting associated UCAS points for those wishing to pursue Higher Education.

This accomplishment also benefits from the ability to have a Europass Certificate Supplement, with the additional benefit of sitting as a Level 4 on the European Qualification Framework (EQF). Thus, making it easier to understand across international systems.

For those who take and pass the online course, they will receive a recognised Ofqual certification.

Financial eLearning’s high-impact Fast Track Introduction to Financial Trading course affords you the skills required to initiate trading on the financial markets. Whether you want to increase your personal investment portfolio or develop your career in finance, this course will show you how to, compliantly, effectively and safely.

Fast Track Introduction to Financial Trading has been written by a team of successful city traders and financial professionals using a unique blend of real-world examples and down to earth jargon-free delivery.

Financial eLearning’s level 3 course is knowledge-based learning so the information is practical and can be used in the real world. This course is ideally suited to people who are either:

  • Students leaving University and are seeking employment opportunities within finance.
  • People employed in finance or management who need work-based skills to develop their career.
  • People who are trading from home but lack the skills required to effectively manage their own money.
  • Existing part-time traders who have not had any form of financial education but wish to develop their skills.
  • People who are seeking a new career in finance but lack the basic understanding of how the industry works.

The course is truly unique as student’s study 100% online in their own time and gets an approved OFQUAL certificate in 4-6 weeks if passed. So whether students are working or currently studying full time they have the option of when and where to study, relinquishing the burden of cost and leave of absence.


Last updated Apr 2019

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About the School

Financial eLearning is the world’s first online UK Government Ofqual (Ofqual.gov.uk) accredited training provider offering an insight into the world of finance and trading.

Financial eLearning is the world’s first online UK Government Ofqual (Ofqual.gov.uk) accredited training provider offering an insight into the world of finance and trading. Read less