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Australia education is mainly the responsibility of the government. The government fully funds the public university education while it partially funds the private university education. Australia being an English-spoken country, most of students from countries whose english is the first language often loves studying in this country

Online LLM in Australia

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SiLS Online LL.M. in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution

Swiss International Law School
Online Full time Part time 1 - 2 years

The entirely web-based SiLS Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution prepares students from different cultural and legal backgrounds for confident and ethical legal practice in an international commercial environment. [+]

Online Master of Laws Programs in Australia 2017. The Program The SiLS Master of Laws LL.M. in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution prepares students from different cultural and legal backgrounds for confident and ethical legal practice in an international commercial environment. The skills and competences developed and honed by the SiLS program incorporate an outcomes-based approach to higher education. The program is taught entirely web-based on an advanced learning platform and aims to prepare students to become truly global lawyers. The SiLS LL.M. is awarded upon the satisfactory completion of four modules and four extra-modular tutorials. Dual Award Programs allow that courses taken at SiLS are credited towards LL.M. degrees of other well-known and highly respected institutions and, vice versa, courses taken at other institions are credited towards the SiLS LL.M. Modules Each of the four modules is led by an eminent global scholar in the respective field: Sales and Transport Law: Module leader Professor Dr. Ingeborg SCHWENZER, LL.M. Intellectual Property Law: Module leader Professor Dr. William VAN CAENEGEM, LL.M. Dispute Resolution: Module leader Professor Louise BARRINGTON Corporate Law: Module leader Professor Dr. Katharina PISTOR, LL.M. Each module can also be taken individually. Upon completion of a module a certificate will be issued. Tutorials Additionally, four extra-modular tutorials covering important aspects of legal work are offered for individual study and practice: Legal Research and Writing: Dr. Benjamin LEISINGER, LL.M. Presentation Techniques: Dr. Christopher KEE Legal Professional Responsibility and Ethics: Professor Catherine ROGERS Features of Common Law and Civil Law Systems: Professor Dr. Thomas LUNDMARK, LL.M. Management of Legal and Compliance Risk: Dr. Peter KURER, LL.M. Our Features Web-based: The web as a Worldwide Classroom The SiLS Master of Laws LL.M. is taught completely web-based. Our approach ensures that the program is accessible to students from all over the world and all from the comfort of your own PC or mobile device. There are no travel and accommodation costs involved. Our learning environment is especially designed to improve your ability to work in a team and provide you with skills for professional, international legal practice. Supported: It is not only Distance Learning, we Bring the World Close to you! Your subjects will be highly interactive and taught in small classes of 16-20 students, supervised by two course leaders who are experienced professors and senior lecturers. You are not alone on your LL.M. journey: You will have plenty of possibility to work together with your fellow students and your course leaders will be there to support you in weekly class conference sessions and are approachable beyond this for you questions. Leading Scholars: Top for Top At SiLS law is taught by top people in the field of law. Unlike at other law schools, the internet allows us to bring together the best people from all over the world – may it be as teachers or as students. You will have the opportunity to benefit from worldwide leading scholars from every part of the world and from inter-cultural interaction with your fellow students from all over the globe making your LL.M. a truly global experience. Advanced Concept: A Teaching Method Which Opens the Whole World to you The Modules and Tutorials at SiLS are taught on a truly comparative basis. This enables graduates of the SiLS LL.M. not to be bound in their legal understanding to the boundaries of a single jurisdiction but rather to become successful lawyers anywhere. To ensure this approach each class will be taught by a course leader of a common law background as well as a course leader from a civil law background. An outcomes-based learning course design helps that the students get out the most of their LL.M. and reach their goals. Read more about outcomes-based learning at SiLS. Flexible: Study Full Time or Part Time The whole LL.M. program is offered full time or part time to accommodate your personal circumstances: full time: one year with two modules per semester part time: two years with one module per semester Each module lasts one semester (20 weeks) and corresponds to 15 ECTS, which is equivalent to about 20 hours of student effort per week. Connected: Benefit from our Network and Create Your own Network SiLS has an excellent network, including contacts to international institutions such as UNCITRAL, UNIDROIT, the Willem C. Vis Moot, and the CISG Advisory Council, leading global law firms, legal departments of multi-national companies and innumerable practitioners and scholars in international commercial law and dispute resolution. A LL.M. is not just about law. It is especially also about people and the students of the program. In the SiLS LL.M. you will have plenty of opportunities to interact with and get to know your fellow students from all around the globe. Unlike other law schools SiLS aims to have people from really everywhere. This gives you the unique possibility to build up your own contacts and friendships for your future as a global lawyer. [-]