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IELTS Exam is a challenge

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most popular exam to assess an applicant’s English level for entry to a university course in English speaking countries, migration and visa applications. Currently, the IELTS test is available in over 130 countries and can be taken up to 48 times a year. So wherever you are, access to follow the IELTS Exam Preparation Online course. It is essential for:

  • Entry to universities in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA
  • Migration applications to Australia, Canada, and New Zealand
  • Dependent on permanent resident visa application to the UK

People wishing to achieve the any of the above will require help to obtain the essential score through an online course which is cost effective with added value. The College of Contract Management offers IELTS exam preparation course to help you to get the best possible grade in the IELTS Academic or General exams. In the courses you learn the easiest ways to pass the exams, what examiner will be looking for in your writing and speaking tests, why you have failed tests’, where you have common mistakes and need to improve and you will prepare for the exam by doing plenty of exercises using the types of questions you will see in the exam. We assure you that you will perform successfully in your exam after you followed our course.

Why should you study with us?

  • You can achieve a score of your highest capability in the test;
  • The course is designed to assess English language skills in real life situations;
  • Communication improvement;
  • A course is an international approach to the exam;
  • We help you to develop skills to cope with the amount of reading, develop vocabulary and collocations;
  • The course will improve your listening and speaking skills;
  • We provide you with exercises to improve your writing which are needed in your daily life;

Course Structures

There are 2 versions of the IELTS exam that Academic or General.

  • Academic IELTS – for university admissions or work purposes
  • General IELTS – for migration or visa application

The IELTS exam tests all four language skills;

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

The IELTS exam scoring system is called ‘Band Scores’. The Band Scores range is from 0 to 9. The highest score is 9.0. You can check with your university or immigration website for the minimum requirements of this score. The course is designed to provide online lectures, online practical lessons, homework exercises, discussion on feedback, correction, and advice that how you can improve. Model IELTS exams and private one to one lessons are included in this course.
We can help you develop a broader English Speaking skill in your career and life. We are accredited English course leaders’ in developing innovative, top quality teaching methods and learning materials.

Period of Study and Lectures

Our all lecturers are well experienced native English lecturers from the United Kingdom. They have plenty of years experience teaching IELTS for International students. The course is designed two different types of programs according to your needs on the exam. Intensive Program

  • It provides 36 hours of lectures and 96 hours homework. Additionally, there are approximately 144 hours of independent study.

Gentle Program

  • It provides 72 hours of lectures and 192 hours homework. Additionally, there are approximately 360 hours of independent study.


Intensive Program Total course fee is £145 Gentle Program Total course fee is £290

Last updated May 2019

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