Currently companies that do not digitize their work, products and services are doomed to failure due to current technological and computer changes; or adapt to circumstances or cease to exist shortly, as technology has driven people to be constantly connected to the Internet and interacting through social networks, using the latest trends in machines and artificial intelligence; that is, the new world is digital and accessible to all, as a consequence of globalization. This situation leads to the necessary transformation of the ways of structuring and managing a company, for which it is necessary to rethink the design of jobs, integrate technology in all aspects of the company and promote the coexistence of humans and machines for jobs high performance

This forms a new paradigm, which facilitates the existence of collaborators committed to the company, due to its facilities of time and space, opportunities to develop their skills, to make consensual decisions and, in general, to the participation that offer new trends in talent management, exalting the responsibility of recruiting leaders. This management is considered as a fundamental axis to ensure the growth and development of an organization. In order for its staff to be effective, it requires managers who are constantly in training to achieve the objectives that are set, with a strategic vision and focus on what they want to achieve in the business.

This program aims to train skills and develop skills in the participants interested in preparing to face this scenario, around the new practices of recruitment, training and evaluation of the people necessary for the enrichment and efficient development of the internal processes of a company, based on the 4.0 revolution, as well as providing a comprehensive concept of a leader in human talent, in order for the participant to evaluate their situation and plan their transformation for insertion in the new digital society.

Overall objective

Acquire skills for the management of human talent in revolution 4.0, in order to achieve the transformation of the processes necessary to insert the organization in the digital era.

Specific objectives

  • Analyze the current environment and the changes it requires, so that companies maintain their competitiveness.
  • Evaluate the implications of business transformation for its adaptation to the 4.0 environment.
  • Analyze the latest trends in the processes of selection, conservation and evaluation in the management of human talent.
  • Contrast the differences between the 3.0 revolution. and 4.0.
  • Study the competences that the leader of human talent should have in the digital era.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals who want to update their knowledge in human talent management.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to grow their organization based on the efficient management of their human talent.
  • Teachers and trainers who seek the development of new trends in personnel management.
  • Administrators who wish to obtain a comprehensive perspective of the new trends in human talent management.
  • People who wish to evaluate and transform their company around the management in the 4.0 era.
  • Students who wish to complement their knowledge in the management of human capital under a digital approach.
  • All those interested in knowing the latest trends in personnel management.

Academic program

Next, the structured academic program is exposed by modules and classes that we are going to be addressing in the present course.

  • Module 1. The globalized environment
  • Module 2. Business transformation in the digital era
  • Module 3. The processes implicit in the management of human talent
  • Module 4. The leader of human talent 4.0

Graduation profile

The graduate of the Human Talent Management 4.0 program has competences to:

  • Evaluate the position of your company or your workplace, around the current scenario, through the management of the understanding of the digital context in which companies move.
  • Promote strategies that allow you to stay ahead in the management of personnel.
  • Start a change around the latest trends in talent management in your company.
  • Stay in the competition within the current market, considering the importance of digitizing it.
  • Inserting himself and his company in the 4.0 era of personnel management, through the use of new digital trends.
  • Establish differences between the different stages of personnel administration in management models 3.0 and 4.0.


To guarantee the quality of the programs, the student is constantly evaluated through different methods.

Discussion forums: These are debates on current issues that promote research, interpretation and, in some cases, proposals for solutions.

Test of evaluation: It is a form of continuous assessment of learning that can be presented in the form of multiple choice questions, true or false, complete ideas, organize chronologically, among others. They are carried out systematically, in some cases so that the student self-regulates their learning and, in others, as an evaluation.

Duties: These are works done online or not, where the teacher exposes a topic of debate or investigation and the student develops it asynchronously and loads it for evaluation and qualification.

Exams: These are evaluations that are carried out at the end of each learning stage and are exposed directly on the platform for the online resolution of these; they have the distinction of being automatically qualified by the virtual campus.


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Presentación- Gestión del Talento Humano 4.0