What Will I Learn?

  • Understand how to create a WordPress WooCommerce Store
  • Create a profitable Amazon Affiliate Store
  • Understand how to create full-time business with an eCommerce store
  • Learn about dropshipping & buying products wholesale
  • Understand how to do keyword research
  • How to do basic eCommerce SEO
  • How to promote an eCommerce site with Social Media & Advertising
  • Understand how to hire Virtual Assistants
  • Learn about Amazon FBA


  • A good understanding of WordPress CMS
  • Registering a domain and getting it hosted
  • Be able to apply to become an Amazon Affiliate (Some States do not allow this)
  • Google Drive
  • Evernote

What will you learn in this course?

  • Getting started with focus and mindset while organizing and planning tasks
  • Setting up your eCommerce website the right way
  • Picking a niche and doing keyword research for that niche
  • How to design your site and pick a theme
  • Maximising conversions to get more buyers
  • Basic overview of eCommerce SEO
  • Promoting your eCommerce site with Social Media
  • Using free and paid advertising to promote your site
  • Outsourcing Virtual Assistants to help you build your site faster
  • Learning the basics of Email Marketing for eCommerce
  • Moving beyond Amazon Affiliates – Selling on Amazon & eBay
  • Working with Dropshippers and buying products Wholesale

How long is the course?

This course is split up into 6 weeks, each week you are provided with homework so you have tasks to complete after watching the modules and reading through the content.

It may take longer than 6 weeks to complete the entire program, the course is designed to allow you to create a part-time or even full-time eCommerce store if you choose to do so.

Most of the advice I provide allows you to make sales without a tonne of commitment when it comes to purchasing physical inventory. You can start slow and grow as you make progress through the course.

Check out these awesome testimonials!

“Found this just as I started work on an Amazon site. Really useful advice on how to set up shop. I’m implementing now and honestly, that alone will save me the next few days of my life at this point in my project. That's worth the price of entry alone. But the course has a lot more to give: outsourcing tips, sensible approach to promotion. Also, heaps of stuff on FBA and other things beyond Amazon affiliate that held no interest and I thought weren’t really for me, but I can now see offer a lot of potential for growth of my store down the line. Great stuff. I also appreciate the straight-up approach here.

No typical marketers fluff, filler, hype or BS. Just laying out what seems solid advice and an action plan that will get you up and run in short order. You know the course is solid, as John walks through the set up of one of his sites, which is a cut above the usual robo-Azon affiliate spam site. Maybe the title shouldn’t emphasize passive income so much, as its some work to get up and running. Even outsourcing leaves the hassle of managing workers, as we all know. It’d also be better if the intro gave some idea of the minimum kinds of investment of time and money you should expect to put in to get any result. Of course, you can keep it passive, but consumers are savvier than they’ve ever been. So I’d suggest getting into this with a view to building out and up: in which case the slog begins.” – Paul Andrews

“Start off gently as an as an Amazon Affiliate and then transition into your own eCommerce juggernaut. John will show you how it’s done and demonstrate the software that makes it possible, easy and profitable.” – Dr. Phillips

“This course is way more than just about Amazon Affiliates. Anyone starting an online business will also benefit from this course there is so much information in here and very useful information. John does a great job keeping you engaged in what he has to say, he’s very knowledgeable and shows proof that he knows his stuff! Thanks for a great course John.” – S Howard

“I’ve used WordPress for years so when I saw this course focused on the WooCommerce plugin I decided to give it a shot. It really is a comprehensive course covering everything you need to know about starting your own Amazon affiliate store.” – Glen Thomas

“I’m very happy to have subscribed and this is a perfect course if you want to setup your own e-commerce store. John is an expert and his advice are very practical and easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and I have already started implementing them into my own business.” – Hussain Ahmed

Who is the target audience?

  • Interested in earning with the Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Interested in running a part-time or full-time eCommerce business
  • Interested in selling products with the Amazon FBA program
  • Interested in drop shipping or buying products wholesale to sell online
  • Not for those who are not willing to put time and effort into building a good site
  • If you are not interested in selling products online this course might not be for you


Week 1 - Introduction

  • Introduction To The Course
  • Expectations for Cost of Tools and Resources To Build Your Store
  • Focus & Mindset
  • Setting Goals

Week 1 - Recommended Site Setup & Tools

  • Learning about WordPress
  • Becoming an Amazon Affiliate
  • Organization With Evernote & Google Drive

Week 1 - Niche Selection

  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Keyword Research
  • Using the Google Keyword Tool

Amazon Plugin Comparison

  • WordPress WooCommerce & Prosociate
  • Introduction to Fresh Store Builder

Week 2 - Site Setup (Using Prosociate)

  • Selecting a WooCommerce Theme
  • Setting Up Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
  • Creating Important Content Pages – Contact, About, Privacy Policy & More
  • Manually Adding Products To Your Store
  • How To Add Products With Prosociate

Week 2 - Site Conversions

  • Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Site
  • Designing Your Site The Right Way
  • Optimizing Your Site For Maximum Conversions
  • Getting Advice From Experts

Week 2 - SEO

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Week 3 - Social Media Promotion

  • Intro to Social Media
  • How To Utilize Pinterest Traffic
  • How To Utilize Wanelo Traffic
  • Staying Consistent With Social Media On Your Cell Phone

Week 3 - Paid Advertising, Blogging & Promotion

  • Buying Paid Traffic with BuySellAds
  • Using Interviews To Get Traffic & Free Backlinks
  • Blogging With Your eCommerce Store

Week 4 - Outsourcing Help & Hiring Virtual Assistants

  • Outsourcing and Hiring on oDesk (Now UpWork)
  • Finding Friends and Family To Help With Your Store

Week 5 - Email Marketing

  • Starting Out With Email Marketing

Week 6 - Beyond Being Just an Amazon Affiliate - Phasing Into eCommerce

  • Dropshipping Product & Buying Wholesale
  • Finding Brands On Other Competitor Sites
  • Getting Organized by Finding Suppliers & Making Smart Purchases
  • Dropshipping T-Shirts with Printful
  • Installing an SSL Certificate & Why You Need One
  • The Free Amazon Payments Plugin for WooCommerce
  • Registering a Business LLC with LegalZoom
  • What is Amazon FBA?
  • My Amazon Fulfillment Process & My Mini Warehouse
  • Using FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment To Sell on eBay and Your Own Site
  • Bonus: My Success With Freelancing on UpWork

Flipping Your Site For Profit

  • Selling Your Site On An Auction Site

- Becoming an Etsy Affiliate

  • Checking out the Etsy Affiliate Program
  • An Example Etsy Affiliate Product On My Store
  • Etsy Affiliate Dashboard in Affiliate Window

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