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responsible for the success of the hotel and the wellbeing of the guest - for Hotel Master and Hotel champions this is the everyday, exciting challenge. Unlike kitchen and restaurant master one finds Hotel champions in almost all areas of a business. They include the departments of food and beverage management, purchasing and warehouse management, reception and front desk, housekeeping or Housekeeping, banquet or sales / sales a competent partner. responsibility in small and medium-sized enterprises it as a hotel master IHK and leadership the entire company's success and keep next to the welfare of the guests, always the economic results in mind.


Poppe & Neumann graduates of the Master Hotel IHK worldwide work as

  • Directors leading top hotels
  • Owner independently managed hotels
  • Consultants, coaches, business consultants
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Executives on cruise ships
  • Executives in exclusive facilities for the elderly
  • Specialist teachers in vocational schools and in public or private educational institutions

or study because they have acquired with the master craftsman, the college admission or run successful businesses. The master craftsman is and remains - national and international - the central building block for careers for your future career in a leadership / management position in the hotel and catering industry, in the catering, catering, industry and - not least - the solid basis for a successful self-employment.

The course is aimed at

Hotelfachleute has completed training in career changers, skilled and unskilled workers and family workers with at least 5 ½ years of work experience in the hospitality industry

course content

Basis for the course content is the "DIHK further training regulations on the audit Certified to recognized qualification Hotel masters" of the Chamber of Commerce Frankfurt am Main.

If you have not yet taken the instructor aptitude test that is part of your preparation for the Hotel Master exam and one of admission requirements.

Ausbildereignung examination CCI (ADA)

The preparation for the instructor aptitude test CCI covers the first part of the master craftsman "professional and working educational qualifications" and sets up (epistles) of seven learning units:

  1. Introduction Lesson
  2. Action: Check training requirements and plan training
  3. Action: Prepare training and assist in the recruitment of trainees
  4. Action: education perform I
  5. Action: education perform II
  6. Action: complete training
  7. Exam Simulation Training of Trainers

final project

Immediately prior to testing our graduates take part in a two and a half days of verification intensifying seminar and take subsequently on the written, oral and practical examination before the IHK Frankfurt am Main part.

The preparation for the Hotel Master examination consists of 16 teaching letters and a peripheral companion book together and treated - practical - the following topics, according to master plan IHK Frankfurt am Main:

Business-related qualifications

The subtest "economy-related skills" consists of the following qualification areas:

  • Economics and Business Administration
  • Accountancy
  • Legal and Tax
  • Management

Within this framework can be checked:

  • Financial structures,
  • Business functions and their interaction
  • Start-ups and legal forms of enterprise
  • Business Combinations
  • fundamental aspects of accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Evaluation of the economic figures
  • budgeting
  • Legal relationships
  • Tax Considerations
  • Business organization
  • personnel management
  • personnel development

Specific action qualifications

Qualification emphasis of "advise guests, receive and accommodate"

  • recognize individual needs of the guests and go into it
  • Book, Book and billing
  • plan, execute and monitor business service
  • apply communication methods and tools
  • provide food and drinks, familiar with common types of services

Qualification priority: "employee conduct and promote"

  • determine quantitative and qualitative staffing needs
  • create job specifications, job plans and descriptions
  • Select Staff, deploy and motivate considering their suitability as well as the operational requirements
  • Staff introduce in their area of ​​responsibility, issue work orders and instructions and supervise their proper execution
  • Personnel development measures to qualify and targeted motivation taking into account the operational needs and employee interests are planning and cause
  • Employees regarding assess performance and behavior and issue qualified certificates

Qualification emphasis of "plan, execute and monitor processes"

  • develop operational and workplace organization considering the possibilities of outsourcing
  • Create labor and scheduling
  • ensure operational and work safety
  • comply with environmental and hygiene regulations
  • take into account relevant laws and regulations

Qualifications focus: "procure products and maintain"

  • open sources and use
  • compare and evaluate tenders
  • store goods properly
  • Durable goods appropriate for the labor to prepare and maintain
  • ensure product maintenance, use energy economically
  • care facilities and operating systems
  • establish necessary investments and encourage their maintenance

Qualification emphasis of "planning, organizing and marketing of services"

  • develop marketing concepts, implement and monitor their success
  • offering services, food and drink to promote sales
  • Offers and advertising concepts to create, know advertising opportunities and materials and apply
  • build relationships and maintain, operate Public Relations


Instructor certificate (AdA) - this you will complete, if not already present, as part of your Masters course at Poppe & Neumann Upon successful completion of your training you have at least 3 years of relevant experience at the time of testing.

This means that you can begin six months after your training with distance learning, as you continue working while studying and thus have the time of testing the necessary professional experience.

But even if you do not have degree in hotel management, but more than 8 years of professional experience at the time of the exam, you can make the Hotel Meister.

This means that you can begin with 5 ½ years of professional experience with distance learning that you continue working while studying and thus have the time of testing the necessary professional experience.

Study duration and cost

Organization of time

Distance learning (30 months incl. AdA exam, 24 months without AdA exam)

In this phase of your distance learning you get your lesson in a monthly series. The curriculum prepares you for the examination to Hotel Master IHK.

Seminar 1 (trainer aptitude test 4 days)

Upon successful completion of the first part of distance learning "training of trainers", after evaluation and grading of foreign control tasks from this, we invite you to take a 4-day seminar and examination block.

This seminar guides for many years Christoph Ladewig, the owner and manager of the Hotel Fernschule Poppe & Neumann (even for many years auditor of the IHK Frankfurt am Main).

We invite you to the training hotel of the correspondence school Poppe & Neumann and have taken care of us, of course, before it, that you are staying sane during the four days and be fed.

Seminar and testing take place at the training hotel, meaning you are first prepared two intensive days to written IHK examination, which takes place on site.

After the written test oral exam and the teaching is practiced and on the fourth day put the before - had traveled to the training Hotel - Audit Committee of the Chamber of Commerce your examination.

Seminar 2 (5 days)

Upon successful completion of the entire distance education, after evaluation and grading of foreign control tasks, we invite you (attendance period) to the first part of the verification intensifying seminar.

In the five-day block "prepare for the written exam related economy Qualifkationen" They are from our skilled teachers - prepared in detail on the subsequent written examination "business-related skills" - long successful professionals from the industry. In the seminar, the contents of the written test will be treated intensively and audit-oriented.

Now you have six weeks to consolidate the content and thus set the stage for the subsequent seminar block.

Seminar 3 (5 days)

The third part of the attendance phase is to prepare - again under the leadership of our faculty - to the subsequent written examination "action-specific skills" as well as the requirements of the practical and oral exam.

Six weeks later (the time the CCI needs for the evaluation of written exams) all participants travel again to the practical and oral IHK examination. Thanks to perfect preparation and supervision keep following your master in hands.

Of course, we will inform you in advance about accommodation and catering facilities during seminars and exams.


You can always sign up - of course starts every month on the 1st or 15th

Tuition and Fees

Assign be the course instructors including aptitude test tuition € 149.00 per month (total cost € 4,470.00).

Without instructor aptitude test (because you have already stored) are the tuition fees monthly € 147.00 (total cost € 3,528.00).

Normal period

The normal period for the course including instructor aptitude test is 30 months. Without instructor aptitude test is 24 months.

Of course you can - at no extra cost - or shorten your distance learning individually and stretch. The only depends on how much time you have to learn and, of course, assuming that you meet the admission requirements at the time of testing.

Financing and promotion

Monthly payment

At Poppe & Neumann pay your tuition fees in the comfort of monthly course rates.

save taxes

You can make up to € 4,000.00 per year for your training at Poppe & Neumann tax as related expenses. For that you will get at the end of the calendar year a certificate for the payroll tax year compensation.


To counter the impending shortage of skilled workers, many states have launched their own funding from the European Social Fund. As a recognized educational institution, you can benefit from this special grant for the training costs.

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Mit inzwischen über 120 Jahren Marktpräsenz ist die Hotelfernschule Poppe & Neumann die älteste Bildungseinrichtung für die Menschen im Hotel- und Gaststättengewerbe, in der Gemeinschaftsverpflegung und der Systemgastronomie. Read less
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