Graduate Certificate in Marketing - Corporate Account Management (Optional Co-op) (Online)


Program Description

Program Details

  • Program Code: 2046
  • School: The Business School
  • Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
  • Program Type: Graduate Certificate program
  • Program Length: 1 year/ 2 semesters
  • Start Date: Fall, Winter, Summer
  • Location: Online

Program Overview

Centennial College's Marketing – Corporate Account Management program will prepare you for an exciting and financially rewarding career as an account manager/sales professional in the business-to-business (B2B), business to Consumer (B2C), government and institutional marketplaces.

In this business graduate certificate program, you'll learn that because today's customers are well informed and expect more customized solutions, account managers must have a solid foundation in all areas of sales, marketing, and service. This includes prospecting, networking, relationship building, closing, and post-sales activities.

As such, in interactive and practical courses, you'll learn how to put the customer first with an entrepreneurial mindset that adapts to diverse customer needs while you develop and practice skills in:

  • Conducting competitive and marketplace analyses that lead to understanding customer needs and behaviors.
  • Verbal and written communication.
  • Selling and presentation (storytelling and practical methodologies).
  • Using analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.
  • Business and financial literacy to create compelling customer value propositions.
  • Engaging buyers and influencers through digital content and omnichannel marketing.
  • Identifying diverse working environments and adapting communication styles to ensure clear and effective communication with buyers.
  • Understanding negotiations from the buyer’s perspective.
  • Purpose-driven leadership (understanding your motivations and next career steps).

If you're goal-oriented, organized, inquisitive, and persistent with above-average communication skills, consider a career in the industry diverse world of professional sales, account management, and many other customer-facing roles.

Program Highlights

  • Thanks to the Corporate Account Management program's hands-on training in the Salesforce CRM platform automation software, you will be able to make a smooth transition into the workplace.
  • Business School professors have extensive experience in sales and account management in business-to-business settings.
  • Interactive learning environments allow you to connect with faculty members and your fellow peers.
  • Learn to thrive under pressure and develop excellent interpersonal, listening, and oral communication skills.

Program Outline

Semester 1 Semester 2
  • BUSN-702 Coop/Employment Preparedness
  • MKTG-716 Marketing
  • MKTG-723 Solution Selling I
  • MKTG-750 Account Management Essentials
  • MKTG-755 Business Ethics & Negotiation Skills
  • MKTG-756 Strategic CRM

  • MKTG-731 Customer Experience Design
  • MKTG-741 Case Analysis and Marketing Metrics
  • MKTG-747 Digital Marketing Strategies
  • MKTG-751 Solution Selling II
  • MKTG-752 B2B Marketing
  • MKTG-754 Account Management and Leadership

Semester Note:
Graduation requirements: Program GPA of 2.0 (C grade) or higher
This program has a Co-op option - Program Code: 2866.

Program Vocational Learning Outcomes

Program Vocational Learning Outcomes describe what graduates of the program have demonstrated they can do with the knowledge and skills they have achieved during their studies. The outcomes are closely tied to the needs of the workplace. Through assessment (e.g., assignments and tests), students verify their ability to reliably perform these outcomes before graduating.

  • Conduct research into potential clients and their environment in order to identify their needs. 
  • Plan and deliver collaborative sales presentations and written proposals that identify with the audience’s needs. 
  • Create and communicate the value of a product or service for a targeted customer. 
  • Develop and apply a systematic trust-based relationship selling process tailored to meet each customer’s unique situation. 
  • Develop customer value models based on different customer needs, buyers, influencers, and decision-makers by applying fundamental financial and accounting concepts. 
  • Build a comprehensive corporate account management strategy that delivers both customer and organizational value. 
  • Develop trust and mutual respect by practicing ethical selling and decision-making. 
  • Utilize social media and web-based customer relationship management (CRM) products and processes to enhance customer value. 
  • Develop strategies for ongoing personal and professional development to enhance work performance in a corporate account management role.

Corporate profile with Syafiq Subri and Bima Purnama.

Career Options, Academic Pathways, and Partners

Career Outlook

  • Account Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Sales Representative (Inside/Outside/Commercial/Government)
  • Sales Consultant
  • Business Development Representative
  • Financial Services Representative
  • Territory Sales Representative

Areas of Employment

  • Hardware and software sales
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial Services
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Packaged goods companies
  • Mid-to-large sized business-to-business (B2B) organizations with their own salesforce
  • Medical and dental technology firms

Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

  • University degree or a three-year college diploma in any discipline from a recognized institution
  • We will consider applicants who have a two-year college diploma or partial (minimum 75%) university degree completion and who have a minimum of two years work experience relevant to the program (transcript and resume review required)

Additional Requirements

  • English language proficiency

Co-op Option

The co-op option in this program will provide you with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while you complete one work term as an employee in the field. This experience not only allows you to put classroom learning into practice but will also provide valuable contacts for your future career.

To participate in this co-op option, you will need to complete an application process in the first semester. If academically qualified, you may be admitted to the co-op program. When you graduate, your diploma will highlight the co-op credential

Co-op Requirements

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the end of semester one
  • Successful completion of 100% of semester one courses
  • Achieve a minimum grade B (GPA 3.0) in BUSN-702
  • Students must be legally eligible to work in Canada
  • Students who meet the above prerequisites will apply to transfer to the co-op program as scheduled

Note: Meeting the minimum co-op program requirements does not guarantee admission into the co-op program.

Last updated Jul 2020

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