Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management (Online)


Program Description

Program Details

  • Program Code: 2380
  • School: The Business School
  • Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate
  • Program Type: Graduate Certificate program
  • Program Length: 2 years/ 4 semesters
  • Start Date: Fall, Winter, Summer
  • Location: Online

Program Overview

In Centennial College's Global Business Management program, you'll gain the skill set to embark on a borderless career.

The two-year business certificate program, facilitated by The Business School, will deliver a unique blend of management and international concepts to train you to effectively lead in the international business environment.

Global Business Management courses will cover core business topics such as project management, business communications, financial and managerial accounting, operations management, human resources management, and management and leadership to ensure you can navigate any business environment. Additionally, you'll gain knowledge in specialized global business topics:

  • International business law
  • International entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Global business research and analysis
  • International business planning
  • International marketing
  • International sales and negotiation
  • International finance and banking
  • Corporate social responsibility and international development
  • Business networking

Upon graduation from this college business program, you'll have skills and knowledge that will allow you to confidently pursue entry-level management roles and be transferable across several industries.

Program Highlights

  • Students who are successful in the program possess strong analytical and numeracy skills, are highly organized with an ability to plan and prioritize, thrive under pressure, and have the ability to meet deadlines. 
  • Successful graduates develop strong interpersonal skills, are innovative problem solvers and decision-makers, are comfortable working within a team environment, and have a willingness to learn new things.
  • International students who successfully complete Centennial’s Global Business Management program may be eligible to apply for a work permit (up to three years) upon graduation.

Program Outline

Semester 1 Semester 2
  • ACCT-701 Accounting for Managerial Decision Making
  • BUSN-732 Business Communications 1
  • HRPD-701 Human Resources Management in Canada
  • INTL-711 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development
  • INTL-725 Research Methods for Trade and Development
  • MKTG-716 Marketing
  • ACCT-702 Financial Management
  • BUSN-702 Coop/Employment Preparedness
  • BUSN-733 Business Culture and Craft
  • INTL-704 Global Logistics

Semester 3 Semester 4
  • HRPD-702 Contemporary Organizational Behaviour
  • INTL-702 International Banking and Finance
  • INTL-703 Geopolitics of Trade and Development
  • INTL-729 Principles of Freight Forwarding
  • MGMT-703 Ethics and Stakeholder Management
  • MKTG-732 International Marketing
  • PMGT-701 Fundamentals of Project Management

  • INTL-705 International Business Law
  • INTL-706 Global Business Strategy
  • INTL-710 Corporate Social Responsibility and International Development
  • INTL-727 International Sales and Negotiation
  • INTL-728 Developing an International Business Plan
  • INTL-730 Professional Networking in Global Business
  • MGMT-704 Management and Leadership

Semester Note:
Graduation requirements: Program GPA of 2.0 (C grade) or higher

Program Vocational Learning Outcomes

Program Vocational Learning Outcomes describe what graduates of the program have demonstrated they can do with the knowledge and skills they have achieved during their studies. The outcomes are closely tied to the needs of the workplace. Through assessment (e.g., assignments and tests), students verify their ability to reliably perform these outcomes before graduating.

  • Collect, process, and interpret data used to support international business.
  • Develop, execute and analyze the results of a comprehensive global business plan which includes complete marketing, operations, financial and human resources strategies and tactics, taking into account the impact of various economic, legal, cultural, geographical, and political situations on international business.
  • Conduct business with diverse populations using culturally appropriate methods in compliance with relevant national and international law, legislation, policies, and regulations.
  • Assist in the importing and exporting functions of a business. 
  • Plan, direct, execute, and evaluate individual and team projects.
  • Implement strategies utilizing domestic and foreign government programs, policies, and agencies that facilitate international trade. 
  • Apply financial knowledge and skill to the operation of international business. 
  • Apply leadership and teamwork skills establishing and maintaining working relationships with coworkers, supervisors, clients, customers, and consumers.
  • Apply quality control and assurance programs to sourcing and supplying. 
  • Apply the principles of business ethics and international corporate responsibility. 
  • Develop new products and services consistent with evolving market needs. 
  • Evaluate the viability of marketing a product or service in an international market or markets. 
  • Develop personal professional development strategies and plans to enhance leadership and management skills.


Career Options, Academic Pathways, and Partners

Articulation Agreements

Successful graduates of this Global Business Management program have the opportunity to apply their credits towards further study at the degree level. Listed below are the degrees from partnering institutions that are available for this program.

Please note that each partnership has a specific minimum grade requirement in order to qualify to transfer credits, which are assessed by the partner institution.

Please visit our website at for more information on articulation agreements.

Professional Associations

Upon successful completion of the Global Business Management program, you may be eligible for the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation, in accordance with the process prescribed by the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT). You are also eligible for the Canadian International Freight Forwarding Association (CIFFA) certificate, in accordance with the process prescribed by CIFFA. Please visit the organizations' websites for more information on these designations.

You will be exempted from the academic requirements leading to the Certified in Management (CIM) professional designation. After graduation from The Business School program, you will have met all of the requirements for the CIM designation once you have completed two years of managerial work experience. For complete information, please visit

Please note: These designations and credentials will incur costs in addition to the regular tuition.

Career Outlook

  • Entrepreneur in import/export
  • Product broker
  • International marketing manager
  • Foreign investment analyst
  • Logistics/transportation manager
  • Corporate social responsibility manager
  • Commercial bank officer
  • Customs broker
  • Trade representative
  • Business consultant

Areas of Employment

  • International business development
  • International development
  • Importing
  • International services such as consulting and education
  • Exporting
  • Small to medium-sized international entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Trade and investment
  • Global management
  • Customs brokerages
  • Global logistics/transportation
  • Business consulting
  • Non-profit and government sectors
  • Freight forwarding

Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

  • University degree or a three-year college diploma in any discipline from a recognized institution
  • We will consider applicants who have a two-year college diploma or a partial university degree (75% complete), and who have a minimum of two years work experience relevant to the program (transcript and resume review required)

Additional Requirements

  • English language proficiency
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