Global MBA

The online MBA Global Business School OBS focuses on the development of competencies and skills necessary for managing global businesses. The special feature of the program is to provide participants all the tools needed to successfully manage companies with a high component of internationalization and innovation in various positions of responsibility-managerial staff or directors- controls and whatever the size of the organization. With this innovative program philosophy, OBS aims to provide a vision of where the future of the management of a global company is headed.

The program also offers the participant a pioneering new development program developed by OBS Professional Skills, taught by recognized experts and professionals of Human Resources.

Have advanced training in Management, in the field of administration and business management, is essential. This is shown by a study published by the Executive MBA Council, indicating that the average salary for an MBA participants increased 11.4% from the beginning to the end of their programs.

Professional outings

Some of the sectors that can work are:

  • Companies import - export
  • Health sector and pharmaceutical industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Media companies and advertising
  • Multinational companies
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Technology Sector
  • Banking Sector
  • Service sector
  • Accounting and consulting firms
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Multilateral institutions
  • Non-Governmental Organizations

Objectives of the Global MBA Online

What goals are going to get?

  • Defining the right strategy of the company to successfully compete in the markets in which it operates, whether local or global.
  • Dominate the global and competitive business environment in which we currently operate, designing optimal strategies of internationalization for companies.
  • Develop our capacity to analyze local and global economic environment, in order to know how to detect and assess the influence of the changes taking place around us.
  • Deepening marketing functions in businesses, explore new communication and marketing tools we have at our disposal, thanks to the Internet and digitization of society.
  • Develop policies latest marketing and sales different strategies we have at our disposal, with particular emphasis on the commercial network management and analysis of data as the main element in defining effective business strategies.
  • Understanding team management in competitive environments as essential, with particular emphasis on the formulation of the strategy of the business people. We try the management of human resources as a basic tool in the business environment.
  • Knowing the essential accounting techniques to analyze the financial statements of the company, get our financial statements and results, to carry out regular analyzes of creditworthiness, manage cash flow generation, efficiently keep track of costs or know how to calculate our threshold profitability.
  • Develop financial skills necessary to analyze the viability of investments and understanding the workings of capital markets.
  • Develop a Business Plan for the company competitive and know sell internally for approval.
  • Get a second accredited by the most reputable business school in Spain, EAE Business School, as ranked Merco (2014) and guaranteed qualification for a major public universities in Spain, the University of Barcelona (UB), with more than 560 year history.

Curriculum Online Global MBA

The program is divided into 5 modules:

  • KEY: Strategic Marketing from an international perspective; Management accounting; Business strategy and organizational design.
  • ADVANCED: Global Supply Chain Management; Talent management and people management; Information Systems and Business Intelligence; Corporate finance management; Management of imports and exports: Valuation of investments.
  • GLOBALIZATION: Global Business environment; Global Marketing; Global Finance; Cross-Cultural Management; International legal framework.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Leadership for sustainable global enterprise; Intercultural negotiation; Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility; International entrepreneurship.
  • BUSINESS PLAN: Development of global strategic plans; Preparation of Business Plan.

Requirements Global MBA Online

The fundamental goal of our admissions process is to ensure the suitability of candidates. All participants must get the most out of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni.

These are the stages of the admission process: 1. Prerequisites for admission in February. Admission 3. Personal Interview 4. Cover letter in May. 6 Assessment Admissions Committee. Matriculation

Global MBA Degree Online

People who pass the evaluation of the program and meet the academic requirements established by the UB, will be awarded the UB (University of Barcelona). In addition, all persons who pass the assessment will receive the degree of EAE Business School.

To obtain the degree of UB is necessary to have University Degree (Engineering Degree or Diploma). Failure to have a University Degree, once passed the different assessments, a diploma of university extension of UB is obtained.

Financial Aid Online Global MBA

OBS offers candidates the scholarship program to promote continuing education for professionals, entrepreneurs and managers. To apply for one of these grants, which fund part of the program, candidates must be admitted to the program and meet the specified requirements.

The Admissions and Scholarship Committee will assess the adequacy of the profile and the career of the candidates, the reasons given in the letter of scholarship application and the candidate's professional and academic recommendations.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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