Further education it-Betriebswirt / -in (iubh)


Program Description

Our certificate course IT-Betriebsbirtin -inin IUBH enables you in just three semesters excellent education and training at university level.

With us you study in only 3 semesters, supported by vodcasts, video lectures, tutors and printed as well as digital further education scripts - no matter where you are at the moment.

Facts about further education IT-Business Administration (IUBH)

  • Degree : IT-Business Administration (IUBH)
  • Continuing education duration : alternatively 3, 4 or 6 semesters
  • Continuing Education Model : Online Study
  • Language of instruction : German
  • Probationary period : 4 weeks
  • Extension : free of charge
  • Admission Requirements : Without ECTS credits: Without ECTS credits: min. 2-year vocational training or 3 years of professional experience; With receipt of ECTS points: (Fach-) Abitur or completed master examination or min. 2-year training with 3 years of professional experience
  • Accreditation : ZFU (No. 286217)
  • Start of training : at any time
  • Certification : Certificate

2-stage model

With the IUBH you have the opportunity to achieve your Bachelor's degree in the distance learning Bachelor of Science Business Informatics in two stages (see picture on the right).

Step by step, you will be prepared for the final goal - the Bachelor certificate. The individual stages of our program you reach automatically after the successful completion of certain modules of the curriculum. Benefits and already paid tuition fees will be fully credited in the next stage. You can prove your further education success with the certificate IT-Betriebswirtinin (IUBH) and afterwards your Bachelor document of Bachelor of Science Business informatics at any time with your current or future employer, which brings you additional plus points.

Future prospects for aspiring IT business economists

The apprenticeship as an IT Business Economist at the IUBH offers you the chance to further your education alongside your profession.

With this additional qualification you acquire not only business know-how, but also a broad base of knowledge in the professional field of the IT industry - including topics such as software engineering, object-oriented programming and procurement and logistics. You will be prepared step by step for your career advancement in the course of this training. With increasing demands on IT systems and mobile solutions, companies are increasingly looking for trained specialists with IT know-how. The career prospects in the IT sector are therefore very good. Employers are often very open to further education and appreciate the self-commitment to acquire knowledge while working.

The benefits of our training

  • Our IT Business Administration (IUBH): completely in German
  • In-service training: Career boost next to the job
  • Start possible at any time: We completely waive fixed deadlines
  • Distance Learning 2.0: Online campus with digital learning material, self-tests, online tutorials, learning wikis and more
  • Low costs: IT Business Economist (IUBH) already for 179, - Euro per month
  • The test is done: exam dates every month for all courses and at all study centers, also worldwide
  • Learning from the best: Our faculty combines academic knowledge with extensive practical experience
  • Top quality: Our quality awards and rankings
  • Maximum flexibility: study when and where you want

Contents of the further education IT-Betriebswirt- / in (IUBH)

The aim of the certificate course is to prepare you as a prospective specialist by the targeted imparting of practice-oriented knowledge and skills on the basis of business administration and computer science to demanding functions in the high-demand sector of the IT sector.

Our further education is modular, ie you study on the basis of subject areas, which are divided into so-called "modules". Within these modules there is an introductory course and a specialization course, which will prepare you systematically for the completion of this module. Within the modules, if you have chosen the option to receive ECTS credits, you will receive credits for each successful completion, which will document your achievements.

Semester Overview

1st semester

  • Business Administration
  • Foundations of industrial software engineering
  • Right
  • Marketing
  • object oriented programing

2nd semester

  • Service Management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Management accounting
  • Data modeling and database systems
  • financing
  • specifications

3rd semester

  • Procurement and logistics
  • IT project management
  • Company foundation and innovation management
  • Management
  • Elective module specializations

In this training, a total of 90 credit points (ECTS) will be awarded.

Optionally, the further education model without ECTS credits can be completed.

The university entrance qualification for a (subsequent) study is not automatically given after successful completion!

Admission Requirements for Further Education

A minimum of 2 years of professional training or at least 3 years of professional experience is required for admission to the further education model without the receipt of ECTS credits.

Enrollment in the program with the receipt of ECTS credits requires one of the following university entrance credentials:

Studying with (specialized) Abitur

As an applicant with a general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or Fachhochschulreife (Fach-Abitur), you can immediately enter the IUBH business administration (IUBH) without an entrance examination.

Studying without Abitur

Even without (technical) high school is an entry possible if you bring the following experience:

  • An at least two years of vocational training and
  • at least three years of professional experience.

Also a master's certificate or a career advancement (z. B. as IHK Fachwirt / in) entitle the holder to study start.

Costs of IT Business Administration (IUBH)

The fees for our further education IT-Betriebswirtin -in (IUBH) amount, depending on the desired time model:

  • 18 months: 329 euros per month 6,421 euros
  • 24 months: 259 euros per month 6,715 euros
  • 36 months: 179 euros per month 6,943 euros
Last updated Nov 2017

About the School

Hier bekommst Du einen Eindruck davon, wer hinter der IUBH steckt, welche Ziele wir verfolgen und warum Du darauf vertrauen kannst, dass Du in uns einen kompetenten Partner für Dein Fernstudium findes ... Read More

Hier bekommst Du einen Eindruck davon, wer hinter der IUBH steckt, welche Ziele wir verfolgen und warum Du darauf vertrauen kannst, dass Du in uns einen kompetenten Partner für Dein Fernstudium findest. Als staatlich anerkannte und akkreditierte private Hochschule mit über 150 Mitarbeitern und Professoren und rund 10.000 Studierenden bieten wir seit über zehn Jahren erfolgreich Bachelor- und Masterabschlüsse auf höchstem Niveau an. Read less