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Best Online Foundation Year Programs in Arts 2017


An online foundation year allows students to take courses over the internet that will help prepare them for the rigors of higher education. This is an easy and convenient way to prepare for the future, while eliminating the logistical problems of a classroom education. These programs are available for a variety of different subjects.

Exactly what is an online foundation year in arts? This type of program can help students prepare for an advanced education in the principles of art and design. Courses may be offered in many different subjects, such as interior design, art history, the principles of aesthetics, color theory, graphic design, or the media. Students may be required to build a portfolio and often receive opportunities to develop their artistic skills and creativity.

There are many benefits that can be obtained from taking a foundation year in arts, such as enhanced qualifications and better preparation for the future. Many students also find that they improve technical skills and mental abilities such as problem-solving and communication. These types of programs can also help participants build their body of work.

It is important to remember that the costs of a foundation year can vary quite a bit. If you contact the institution of your choice, they can provide accurate and current financial information. Be sure to do your research thoroughly before enrolling.

Many different careers can be pursued by those who have a foundation year in arts, although a significant number of students simply choose to continue their education. Professional options include working in graphic design, media, interior design, or art education. Students may also choose to become independent artists, freelancers, or consultants. Careers in museums, galleries, or art studios may also be an option.

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Online Foundation Degree Interior Design

KLC School of Design
Online Part time 10 semesters August 2017 United Kingdom London

The Online Foundation Degree is ideal for those who want to achieve a validated qualification, but cannot commit to attending classes at school. Join an online community of design students and gradually build industry relevant skills at home! [+]

Top Online Foundation Year Programs in Arts. The project work moves from residential design to more complex commercial designs as the course progresses and work is submitted and assessed entirely via KLC’s state of the art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Students can study from anywhere in the world, with webinar groups split into different time zones, everyone gets equal tutor access - no matter where they are nationally or internationally. The course is designed to foster creativity, originality, reflective practice and intellectual and personal development. The syllabus has been planned to nurture and develop individual potential and to ensure that students acquire the right skills for employment. Early work will include thinking for design, an introduction to academic writing and projects to help students understand the benefits of research in the design process In addition to gaining technical knowledge and skills and developing an understanding of interior design methods and processes, the aim will also be to encourage students to adopt an analytical approach and to develop their critical skills. The way in which design histories and theories together with cultural, environmental and social context can influence and be applied to a given situation will also be explored. Great emphasis is placed on design process from taking the client brief, site survey, design analysis, conceptual and design development through to implementation and the final evaluation of a project. Students are introduced to drawing conventions and learn how to produce 2D and 3D drawings, both by hand and CAD generated, and... [-]