Financial Advisor Specialist Course (EAF) Online


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Program Description

  • Dates: From 11/23/2020 to 05/04/2021
  • Place: Online
  • Hours: 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Direct). Recorded Sessions.
  • Duration: 174 hours
  • Price: € 3200



The program is divided into two modules, the Financial Reporter (EIF) and the Financial Advisor (EAF). The classes of both modules will be interspersed in such a way that students who only want the Financial Reporter Certification (EIF) will not attend all class hours (174 hours), since it is only necessary that they attend at 114 hours that they have programmed and that can be consulted in the "Program" section.

All sessions will be Online, you can follow the sessions in Streaming (live) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The sessions will be recorded and posted on the platform, along with the documentation and exercises to be done in class. In addition, as the sessions will be broadcast from the Instituto BME classrooms at the Madrid Stock Exchange Palace, the student who wishes may attend in person whenever they want.

Questions from the sessions will be posted on the Platform as well as a simulator on the same platform where the exam is carried out that will help the students to properly prepare the Certification exam, both as a Financial Reporting Specialist (EIF) and as an Advisory Specialist Financial (EAF).

Addressed to

Especially suitable for graduates and professionals who develop, or want to do, their professional career in the financial markets, have direct contact with the client and wish to accredit the competencies of the Technical Guide 4/2017 of the CNMV regarding information and financial advice. Prior technical knowledge is not necessary and therefore, it will not be necessary to accredit a minimum regulated training.


The main objective is to provide the professional market with adequate training for the performance of their duties in the area of information and advice to clients. The program addresses in detail all the requirements and competencies of the CNMV Technical Guide 4/2017.


Summary of the Financial Advisor Specialist Certification Program:

  • Financial Mathematics (3 hours)
  • Statistics (3 hours)
  • Fixed Income Valuation (6 hours)
  • Technical Analysis (6 hours)
  • Fundamental Analysis (6 hours)
  • Volatility Analysis (3 hours)
  • Equity Markets (3 hours)
  • Spanish Stock Market Interconnection System (SIBE) (6 hours)
  • Introduction to Fixed Income Markets (6 hours)
  • Zero Coupon Curve (3 hours)
  • Negotiation and Management of Fixed Income Products (6 hours)
  • Derivatives Markets (3 hours)
  • Equity Futures (6 hours)
  • Options and warrants premium (6 hours)
  • Synthetics (1 hour)
  • Option sensitivities (5 hours)
  • Strategies with Options (6 hours)
  • Option Valuation Models (3 hours)
  • Short-term derivatives: Euribor and FRA futures (3 hours)
  • Long-term derivatives: Notional Bond Future (3 hours)
  • Swaps (3 hours)
  • Exotic Swaps (3 hours)
  • Caps, floors and Swaptions (3 hours)
  • Forex market (3 hours)
  • Currency Derivatives (3 hours)
  • Exotic Options (3 hours)
  • Structured Products (3 hours)
  • Electricity and Gas Markets (3 hours)
  • Products Referenced to Inflation (3 hours)
  • Management of Equity Portfolios and diversification (3 hours)
  • Behavioral Finance (1.5 hours)
  • Risk Factor (1.5 hours)
  • Market Risk (3 hours)
  • Collective Investment Institutions (6 hours)
  • Pension Funds (3 hours)
  • Insurance (3 hours)
  • Perfomance Measurements (3 hours)
  • Alternative Investments (3 hours)
  • Real Estate Investment Funds (3 hours)
  • Fund Portfolio Management (3 hours)
  • Regulatory framework of financial markets (9 hours)
  • Regulation of Collective Investment (3 hours)
  • Taxation of Financial Products (6 hours)
  • Financial Planning (3 hours)
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Instituto BME es el centro de formación de Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME), el cuarto operador de mercados en Europa. Se constituye en 2005 continuando con la labor de difusión llevada a cabo desde 1990 por Instituto MEFF, como reflejo en el ámbito de la formación del proceso de integración del conjunto de mercados de valores y sistemas de compensación y liquidación existentes en España. Read less