It needn’t be that way.

Good, long-term writers make money and are treated well – whether they publish their material or not. Good writers are responded to with courtesy, respect, kindness and even apologized to by publishers and agents who can’t help them!

Why? Because these writers know what they’re doing – and it shows. In their work, their presentation and in their attitude. Their work glows with confidence and authority – they write without errors, they adhere to the rules of good writing and good fiction.

If you do the same, you can be accepted this year, next month, and if your MS is done already, next week!

“Rob, you have given me spark in my writing
again and I am very grateful to you for that.
Thank you for all your lessons. They’re just wonderful for me. ”
Jaye Sevenhawks, author

It’s a complete myth that good work goes ignored and unpublished. Publishers are actually crying out for good manuscripts. The simple truth is that 99% of writers just don’t present their manuscripts as well as they should.

But you can – if you follow the simple instructions contained within Fiction 101 – the Writing Academy’s unique new writing program.

Fiction 101 presents you with a thorough roadmap for getting fiction published. It’s everything you will ever need to know to compete in the publishing industry – and enjoy the journey.

“Rob, I’ve learned so much and had
so much fun with you!” Lynn Grosvenor, author

The simple fact is, getting published is not the endpoint, the goal – it’s actually just the beginning of your writing career. Writing success is about building relationships with publishers, agents, and readers. It’s about writing quality material and getting the respect you deserve.

But how do you get to that point?

Why does it sometimes seem so hard?

The truth is, it’s not. You just have to get it right.

Most authors realize this maybe three or four novels down the track. But how would you like to shortcut the system?

By getting it right the first time?

It’s not difficult. Like most things in life, it’s a process – a series of steps. Fiction 101 has been specifically designed to show you that process. Fiction 101 will help you glide effortlessly toward your goal – to write fiction manuscripts that shine with professionalism, authority, and confidence.

“I love your work, Rob!
You make such good sense and you have such a
warm and friendly voice in your writing – you just
make everything an enjoyable and educational read
without any of the guru hype.” Billie Williams, author

Even amid a gathering slush pile, publishers will tell you that good manuscript are easy to spot. Well written MSS literally shine like a beacon. And reading a well written MS is like a blast of cool refreshing air to a publisher. It’s a joy to experience for them because simply put, it’s so rare!

Why not make your next submission that good?

And don’t be put off. It’s not about being original or even profound. It’s simply about presenting a manuscript whereby the publisher recognizes that the author cares enough to have learned and understood there are certain conventions – that there is a right way to deal with words, prose, grammar, drama, action, dialogue, description, pretty much everything.

Your next manuscript can be the one – the contender. It doesn’t matter how far along the road you are, how many novels you’ve written already, I can teach you how to create the best and most sellable fiction. Guaranteed.

There are many ways to write but there are only a few ways to write that will impress a modern publisher. I can show you how to take charge of your fiction. Be its leader. Fill yourself with the confidence that only knowledge and wisdom can give you. That only I can teach you.

“I just want to thank you for doing what you
do. I’ve always wanted to learn to write and you
gave me this dream come true. You are so
incredibly kind and wise. You’re on my prayer
list to always be successful in all your
endeavors because you share so unselfishly.
Thank you so much.” Shea Dumas, author

Here’s what I will show you in FICTION 101:

The course contains numerous examples and exercises to help you fully understand all of the subtleties involved in writing good quality fiction.

But that’s not all.

Click through to start Fiction 101 now and you’ll also receive these wonderful FREE bonus items:

* “The Craft of Fiction” by Percy Lubbock

214 pages. A fascinating treatise on literature with examples from the greatest master storytellers of all time. $47 value!

* “How to Speak and Write Correctly” by Joseph Devlin MA

171 pages of invaluable advice on the rules and conventions of the
English language. $37 value!

* “The Elements of Character” by Mary G Chandler

An engaging 162-page examination of what makes a person who they are. $27 value!

* “How to Tell a Story” by Mark Twain

The great man himself speaks on this most pertinent of topics! $11 value!

* “The Power of Concentration” by Theron Q Dumont

This 153-page epic reads like a cross between The Secret and Unlimited Power. It’s a fabulous book to own and guide your life in itself. This book alone could change your life! $incalculable value!

These bonus downloads are available immediately!

“Rob, thank you so very much for your lessons.
They are all wonderful. You are the best teacher I
have ever come across.” Alan Cherton, author

This entire, life-changing program is available right now for a fraction of its original OFF-LINE value! (was $995.49, as sold by The Australian Writing Academy)

If writing success is what you need, want, the dream of, and desire, then this program is for you!


Special BONUS Course FREE with this purchase!

“The Nuts and Bolts of Writing”
How to Write for a Living

It takes years of experience to really know what it requires to be a career writer and a fiction author.

We may fantasize about what it may be like for decades before we experience the reality. Thing is, in order to become a full-time writer and/or novelist, you need to behave like one first.

The Nuts and Bolts of Writing comes with the voice of experience – and straight from the heart. It’s always surprised me that of all my courses, it’s one of the most popular with professionals – who, I guess, can most clearly identify with the lifestyle portrayed in its pages.

For the first time – the course has been collated and reworked into one complete resource – and is only available this one last time.

Get the full course now to add to your collection of Easy Way to Write resources – before they’re all gone!

Once upon a time, I had a dream. I wanted to be a full-time fiction writer – and I wanted to know how that was done, how that could be achieved. I sought high and low for a resource. I found books on writing and devoured them – but still, I needed something that would explain the real practicalities of writing for a living.
I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for…Perhaps you feel that way too. Perhaps you too would like a genuine roadmap for writing success. Well, now you need to look no further – as I present to you:

“The Nuts and Bolts of Writing: The Easy Way to Write Brilliant Fiction for a Living”

In this complete masterclass you’ll get the inside scoop – all the information you’ll ever need to write quality stories that editors, agents, and publishers will love – whatever you’re writing: short stories, children’s fiction or a full-blown novel – and then: how to get your work published and make a good living.

Listen. My partner and I have had over one hundred books published.

The fact is: we know what works.

Don’t let anyone tell you there is not a ‘right way’ to do things – there is – and I can teach it to you – easily and quickly.

Here’s what this masterclass will cover, in four packed modules:

1. Preparing to Write – what you need to do and think about before you start. The right kind of preparation will change the way you work for the better. It will help you write more professionally, faster and with improved focus.

2. The First Draft – how to easily create what you set out to do in the shortest possible time. How to make sure your work is going to be scalable right from the start. How to write with confidence, discipline, and talent.

3. Getting a Diamond Out of the Rough – learn what every professional writer does to take the first draft to a publishable standard. How to use very simple rules to create compelling fiction that always works.

4. How to Get Published – this module takes you through the simple practicalities of what to do after the writing – to make sure you can continue your craft – and get paid for it, time and again, for life.

Along the way we’ll be taking a detailed look at how to write good dialogue, how to write an effective description, how to create drama, suspense and write good action scenes, deal with pace and lots and lots of other technical issues.

Time management – how to make the most of limited writing time.

The easiest way to create good characters

How to create suspense, tension and rising intensity in fiction.

How to outline/plot a novel in a quick and easy way.

How do you maintain consistent POV and tense

How to resolve issues with grammar, spelling etc

Show don’t tell – what it is and how it works

If you’ve ever wanted that complete writing resource that showed you exactly how to write quality fiction that sells – today – then this is for you! Look – this masterclass alone could easily cost hundreds of dollars – and its value to your potential career is virtually priceless.

But you know that overcharging is just not my style. And if you’ve taken my courses before, you’ll know that I always over-deliver!

Click below now to immediately receive this fabulous writing course from me, a respected working writer, committed to helping you achieve your dreams.


Fiction 101 - The Course

  • Module 1 Part 1 – Getting Ideas and How to Develop Them
  • Module 1 Part 2 – Inspiration and Finding The Time
  • Module 3 – Creating Compelling Characters
  • Module 4 – Plotting and Story Construction
  • Module 5 – Theme, Templates & Outlining
  • Module 6 – Show Don’t Tell
  • Module 7 – Punctuation, Grammar, and some Basic Writing Rules
  • Module 8 – Scene Structure, Exposition, and Story Rules
  • Module 9 – Chapter Structure, Vision, and Focus
  • Module 10 – Fast Writing Without Fear or Censure
  • Module 11 – Editing, Re-writing & Polishing
  • Module 12 – Finishing, Submission & Publication

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