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The progress of science and engineering projects has led to important changes in the various facets of project execution. These changes have produced greater rigor in management aspects, with a more complete and accurate methodological instrument. Similarly, all aspects of management have gained more prominence thanks to the importance of the participation of human resources in the development of a project. Given the continuous failures of projects, there is an imperative need to consolidate and raise the quality of their design stage, understanding that stage as the creative and cognitive process of conceiving and formulating the fundamentals of a project, which requires management of adequate knowledge and direction. The Master in Design, Management and Project Management (MDGDP) program joins these 3 elements in order to comprehensively train a project specialist, with the capacity, ability and knowledge of: - Design a project; - Manage your projection from the initiation to post-mortem reflection; and, - Direct all individual and collective human efforts towards the ends of the project and the interests of those affected.
Program Structure The Master's program in Design, Management and Project Management has a curricular structure based on 4 training parts: - Part 1: Design (270 hours) - Part 2: Management (250 hours) - Part 3: Management (280 hours) - Part 4: Final Master or Thesis Project (100 hours)
Scholarships The Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER) periodically allocates an extraordinary economic item for FUNIBER Training Scholarships. To apply, you only have to submit your scholarship application on the main page of the portal with the required data, and the Evaluation Committee will examine the suitability of your application for the granting of financial aid, in the form of a FUNIBER Training Scholarship.

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