Expert in CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)


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Program Description

With our CRO Expert career you will learn how to improve the business performance of digital products and services. You will know different business models and you will be able to analyze and interpret data to locate points of improvement, as well as design hypotheses, strategies and actions that increase the effectiveness of the products and services analyzed.

10 months
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€ 125 / month
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Improve performance with EDIX

The CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) has one goal: the improvement of the commercial performance of any digital asset. How? In all possible ways. Wherever there is a button, a text, a form, there is a possible improvement action. Come on, the CRO expert is the professional who never gives up.

Your work begins with analysis. The business model on which it works, and the users who visit it! Think of him as a digital Sherlock Holmes who, armed with his magnifying glass, analyzes the data to discover what might work better. He then formulates his hypothesis and, knowing that testing is critical, validates it with experiments. So, launch your improvement proposal. And you know what? Works!

In EDIX learn from scratch to carry out that analysis, interpret the data and propose solutions to improve the commercial performance of your website.

Become the analyst who is always alert

The CRO expert usually works in a multidisciplinary team with a common goal: a faster, more attractive, better positioned website, etc. that generates, as a result, more conversions, that is, more customers. He is a Digital Worker with great analytical skills, who knows both statistics and psychology. And, of course, you know perfectly how a business works in the digital world.

We will train you to access the positions of


Boost a business reaching more customers, strengthening relationships and applying improvements.

20k - 32k

CRO Manager

Design strategies based on data that improve the performance of a website, a product or a digital service.

35k- 40k

CRO Analyst

Become the benchmark that companies turn to to improve the results of their digital products.

27k -30k

How the career in CRO works

  • Expert teachers and tutors
    Always accompanied to achieve all your goals.

  • Online training platform
    Fastbooks, webinars and live classes that also stay recorded, so you can study at your own pace and from wherever you want.

  • No previous experience or training
    Learn the trade from scratch, wherever you come from.

Practical online training

With the CRO career you will learn everything about

The digital environment and its business models, how users navigate, analytical and management tools, etc. The EDIX CRO Expert degree offers you a journey, from scratch, through the process that leads to improving the digital performance of a website. You will study key concepts of statistics and digital analytics, use and exploitation of qualitative data, the universal principles of UX design. Likewise, you will develop technical skills to handle testing tools, and you will understand relevant aspects of psychology that influence the consumption of digital products and services.

Competences of a Digital Worker

You choose when to study these subjects. You can do it immediately after completing your registration, or at any time up to two months after completing the rest. It is 100% flexible!

  • Thought and Digital Environment. What is digitization?
  • Agile methodologies. To be more agile and productive.
  • Project Management. How to manage the planning of a project.
  • Economy and Digital Ecosystem. The new way of doing business.
  • Personal development. For your life and your professional career.

CRO specific subjects

The knowledge and skills you need to work in your new job.

  • Digital Analytics. Collect, measure, analyze, visualize and interpret analytical data.
  • CRO Work Methodology. The standard working methods that exist in the market.
  • SEM. Create, manage and optimize Google Ads campaigns and other search engines.
  • Digital Business Models and their Conversion Drivers. The key elements of every digital business model.
  • Advanced Digital Analytics. Create a specific measurement plan to obtain value-added data.
  • Qualitative analysis. Tools, how they work, how to use them and what kind of analysis we can carry out.
  • User Research. How different users relate to the digital product or service.
  • Universal Principles of Design and Interaction. How we move in different interfaces.
  • Behavioral Economics: Cognitive Biases and Conversion Psychology. Why something has happened and how to improve.
  • Formulation of Hypotheses and Definition of Actions. Understanding what motivates the human being will help you design interaction strategies.
  • Fundamental Principles on Technologies Used in Digital Products and Services. Design suitable solutions for each project.
  • Testing and Experimentation: Conceptualization of Test and Experiments. Design a test or experiment in an organized and structured way.
  • Testing and Experimentation: Execution of Tests and Experiments and Analysis. Testing solutions on the market and what types can be made.
  • Statistics Applied to Testing. Fundamental concepts of statistics applied to experimentation.
  • Big Data and other Advanced Techniques Applied to CRO. How they can be used in CRO projects.
  • Organization, Management and Reporting of a CRO Project. How to organize a CRO project and prepare reports that reflect the value of the project.

* Academic plan subject to modifications.

EDIX is for everyone

It does not matter your age, training or background

For you, who begin to prepare your future and seek to train, while you acquire work experience. For you, who after years of training, want to progress towards a better job with more projection. For you, who want to update your skills to stay and anticipate the changes in the digital economy. For you, you need to adapt your training to return to a job market in which your experience is valued.

Last updated Nov 2020

About the School

Somos Edix, el Instituto de Expertos Digitales de UNIR. Nacemos para formar a los trabajadores digitales que necesitan las empresas hoy.

Somos Edix, el Instituto de Expertos Digitales de UNIR. Nacemos para formar a los trabajadores digitales que necesitan las empresas hoy. Read less