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Program Description

This Expert Course in Creation and Brand Management offered by the Seneca Institute, unique in its kind, provides students with all the techniques to create a corporate or institutional brand, as well as the management tools of an isolated brand or a portfolio. of brands, with attention to the hierarchy of the same and the phase in which the product or service that carries it is, in order to be successful with the strategy.

The brand and the image of an organization constitute a binomial that impacts on the audience, attracting prospects and making customers loyal, through a series of off-line and on-line actions, framed within a Management Plan.

Likewise, this course trains experts in the creation and management of "geographical brands", which are so important in the external promotion of a country, a region, a city or a tourist destination.

Finally, the Course also contains a part dedicated to the creation of a "personal brand", providing students with all the necessary knowledge to create, manage and promote it through the different supports provided by the network.


This Expert Course in Brand Creation and Management, lasting 350 hours, has a supporting diploma issued by the Seneca Institute, International Postgraduate Center, which is delivered with the Apostille of The Hague, in order to give it international validity.

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs who are faced with the complicated task of creating a brand.
  • To entrepreneurs who have to face the challenge of diversifying their brand or creating subordinate brands.
  • Marketing managers who must manage a whole portfolio of brands and need to know the techniques.
  • To those who exercise as Product Managers and need to make all this knowledge to optimize their work.
  • Responsible for the communication area of companies with high risk levels that could negatively impact the brand.
  • Community Managers who work in highly competitive sectors, and the difference between the brand management that they develop.


  • Know the main techniques and dynamics associated with the creation of a brand.
  • Understand the importance of the graphic representation of a brand.
  • Become familiar with brand attributes: binding, associated, differentiated, logical, etc.
  • Identify the semiotics of a brand: perception and interpretation of the signs it projects.
  • Learn to give a brand its own personality, so that it stands out from the others.
  • Know how to design a brand architecture to enhance the corporate identity.
  • Know how to manage a portfolio where the parent brand coexists with the secondary brands.
  • Become familiar with the techniques of brand communication in social networks.
  • Know how to build a geographical brand, be it a country brand, city brand or region brand.
  • Know the advantages of co-branding in the commercial management of a brand.
  • Learn to create and manage a "personal brand".
  • Become familiar with the mechanisms of brand protection.


The program of this Expert Course in Brand Creation and Management, includes 6 Modules:

1.- The Brand, How to Create and Manage it

Definition of the brand concept. How to create a brand Classes of logos. Branding and Management Brand architecture Types of brands and management strategies.

2.- Reputation and strategic brand analysis

The brand value Brand identity system. Crisis and brand reputation. Storytelling and brand reputation

3.- Management of brand advertising

Objectives of advertising. Parts and elements of advertising. To whom the advertising is directed. The advertising and the product. The advertising message Planning a campaign

4.- The brand's visual identity

Corporate Communication and brand image. Strategic Plan for Corporate Communication. Forms of Corporate Communication. Levels of Corporate Communication. Design of a Corporate Identity Program.

5.- The geographical brand.-

The territorial brand. The country brand. The city brand. The region brand. The tourist destination brand.

6.- The creation and management of a personal brand.-

How to build a personal brand Model of management of a personal brand. The positioning of a personal brand. Communication in social media Personal blogs Visual construction of the personal brand. The Sponsorship

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Duration and price

Calls: two per year (May and October)

Duration: 6 months

Price: € 850 (subsidized by the Seneca Foundation)

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Last updated Mar 2020

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