Executive Master in Hotel Management, Restaurants and Food Companies


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Program Description

The tourism sector has been, for decades now, one of the fundamental sectors in the social and economic development of the country. Thus, last year the sector grew by 3%, generating more than 53,000 jobs. And within it, the hotel sector, is the key piece of tourism and one of the ones that has experienced greater growth in recent years.

In this context, with a growing sector that permanently demands trained professionals to act in a constantly evolving market, the Executive Master in Hotel Management and Restoration taught by The Ostelea School of Tourism is born

The master, which is developed under an online distance methodology, can be completed in 12 months, thanks to its flexible learning model that adapts to the needs of the participants.

If you want to develop or grow professionally in the hotel sector and have a university degree, but do not have time to attend class or want to make compatible your family and work life with your training, this is the master you need.

Upon completion, you will receive a triple master's degree issued by the University of Lleida, the EAE Business School and Ostelea.

The program is divided into 45 common credits with an itinerary aimed at the managerial function with an eminently practical sense, where knowledge is combined with the personal and professional development of the student. Account also, with a final master's work of 15 credits that is complemented with the different modules and materials sequentially.

Reasons to study the Executive Master in Hotel Management, Restaurants and Food Companies

  • Sector with professional opportunities: You can access or consolidate at a professional level in one of the sectors that have developed and grown the most in recent years, both nationally and globally.
  • Practical Methodology: Based on practical cases to learn the best strategies and the best techniques, it offers the practical value that companies require today.
  • Continuous evaluation: Once 75% of the units -group and self-learning of each module- have been passed and the final project has been approved, the student receives the triple degree of: Ostelea, School of Tourism
  • Academic faculty Ostelea: It is constituted by university professors and professionals of recognized prestige in the sector. The faculty, our program directors who have designed the programs and the personalized follow-up of the student throughout the course, are a guarantee of quality offered by the master to those who do it.

Recommended profile

The master is aimed at graduates, engineers, architects, technical engineers, technical architects, as well as graduates and graduates, preferably with more than three years of professional experience in the tourism sector, who want to expand their knowledge in the field of management of hotel and restaurant establishments. And especially those people who do not have time to attend class, or want to make their work and family life compatible with their training, taking advantage of the flexibility of the teaching methodology under which master programs are developed.


The Executive Master in Hotel Management and Restaurant Companies will allow you to:

  • Enhance or acquire the knowledge and management skills necessary to access positions of responsibility in the hotel and tourism industry
  • Complement and increase your previous knowledge of management, strategy and hotel management.
  • Develop your professional career as hotel manager or manager, assistant manager or deputy to management.
  • Know the characteristics and the operation of the different departments of the catering companies, and the main strategies that are used for the promotion and management of the brand in the hotel sector.
  • Define the keys to the preparation of strategic plans and their application to immediate action in national and international hotel and restaurant environments.


The Executive Master in Hotel Management, Catering and Food Companies

  • Structure of the tourism market, strategy and legality
  • Operations, quality and human resources
  • Finance
  • Marketing and marketing
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship and managerial skills
  • End of master project

Professional outings

The objective of this master's degree is to prepare qualified professionals for hotel management and catering companies. By studying the contents proposed by the center, you will acquire general notions about structure and finances in the tourism sector, and you will be trained to manage talent and innovation, strategic management and to implement operations in the hotel sector and restoration. In addition, you will learn marketing techniques and hotel and restaurant marketing, among other skills. Upon completion of the master the student may practice as:

• Hotel manager or restaurant company.
• Responsible for the corporate department of a hotel chain
• Head of hotel division of business groups.
• Responsible for the division of food and beverages (Food

The Career Careers Service channels and serves as a meeting point between students, alumni and collaborating companies and other business groups that demand professionals from the sector trained in Ostelea.


The participant who successfully completes the program will obtain TRIPLE TITLE:

  • The Master's Degree in Hotel Management and Catering Companies by The Ostelea, School of Tourism
  • The Master's degree in Hotel Management and Restoration Companies by EAE Business School.
  • The degree from the University of Lleida.
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Nuestra misión es contribuir al desarrollo social, económico y cultural de forma sostenible de la industria, a través de la formación de directivos, profesionales del sector. Estamos comprometidos con la innovación e impulsamos el vínculo entre empresas del sector y Ostelea para nutrir al mercado de nuevas soluciones. Read less
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