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Program Description

Executive MBA in General Management

The complexity in business challenges in today’s hyper-connected world requires organizations turning to exceptional managers who can take on greater cross-functional responsibilities and contribute to the corporate growth on a strategic, tactical and operational levels. It is equally challenging to move out of one’s comfort zone/expertise.

This Executive MBA program is designed to help you accelerate in the leadership transformation role and assist you to play a greater role in your company’s success. Our support Onsite class experience, as well as the state-of-art Online Live Interactive classes, are ideally suited for the working executives who are busy working professionals with time challenges. The modular delivery pattern and the recorded options of these modules help the learner to focus on one subject at a time, and at the same time provide them the flexibility to imbibe key business concepts, with least downtime from their personal and professional lives. Learning with the EBS faculties is a life-long investment and an interaction with a diverse peer group expands your social, mindset and network skills. EBS promises to help you emerge as a pragmatic manager and leader, with a professional and personal development plan for taking your career and your company to the next stage of performance and growth.

Executive MBA in Healthcare Management & Leadership

Healthcare industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and along with the rapid expansion come a number of onerous challenges, which are required to be overcome with good robust healthcare management practices. The core competencies and the best practices in healthcare have to be amalgamated deftly along with healthcare operations. Understanding the legal and statutory regulatory issues affecting healthcare management organizations is imperative for the smooth and streamlined functioning of a healthcare management organization.

Health care administration is as important as healthcare operations, and thus good leadership, supervision, and control in healthcare systems add like a force multiplier in efficient management of all healthcare services. The hospital administrator’s aim is always to create a conducive work environment that treats patients empathetically and ensure that best treatment and facilities are provided. One of the biggest critical challenges for any healthcare organization is to provide quality healthcare in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

This specialization Executive MBA (EMBA) pedagogy in Healthcare Management has been crafted and designed for working professionals in the healthcare industry to manage these complex changes competently, and help their teams to lead healthcare operations with dexterity and aplomb.

Executive MBA in Supply Chain & Logistics Management

With the developing complexities in the management of businesses worldwide in the realm of Supply Chain and Logistics Management, the demand for talented and knowledgeable professionals in this field is on a regular increase.

It is simply not only about understanding and operating the Supply Chain and Logistics Management business units, but it is also about developing, managing, and leading vital business systems, processes towards profitability and growth. Successful managers are the ones who take a universal approach towards building a robust Supply Chain architecture for worldwide networks. With this objective, the pedagogy has been developed for working professionals to acquire reputed Executive MBA (EMBA) in this very important and ever-growing business domain of Supply Chain and Logistics Management, with the main aim of giving an international perspective blended with local outlook in this dominion. We strive to provide world-class leaders who can successfully lead their business teams effectively and efficiently in Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

Executive MBA in Project Management

Project Management is the art of managing all the aspects of a project from inception to closure using a scientific and structured methodology. The role of a project manager is similar to that of a conductor in a symphony. Individually, each of the artists knows what has to be done for his or her role, but it is the project manager who through his / her vision drives the team towards the final goal of timely delivery/execution of the project. He/she needs to develop the skill to balance competing demands and determine appropriate interventions. A successful project manager should combine the science of project management with the art of managing people and processes, to achieve the desired optimal results.

This specialization is appropriate for those persons who wish to develop professionally, increase their project management skills, apply a structured standards-based approach to management of projects, and seek career progression by moving into a formal Project Manager role. This module in the Executive MBA (EMBA) curriculum has been ideally designed for executives to enhance their competencies and skills in adeptly managing all projects successfully, which is a challenging task by itself.

Executive MBA in Business Analytics

A critical review of global organizations that succeeded their peers in the competitive environment has a great deal to do with what they did with their customer and organizational data. With the advent of big data, businesses require managers who can at a rapid pace analyze the available data in very quick time.

A MBA program with specialization in Business Analytics will go a long way in securing a good career progression for the learner, since with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, the next decade and beyond are going to see a surge in the demand of Business Data Analysts, with a number of conventional modern jobs becoming redundant in the near future. What is going to set organizations apart is their ability to have systems in place to capture all business relevant data, and at the same time have individuals who can transform data to information/knowledge that the business functions can use for quicker decision making.

The ability to excel with data is no rocket science, but an amalgamation of one’s number crunching ability, with functional expertise in one/all areas of the business, the knowledge of some basic tools and statistical concepts that enable quicker processing of data is going to be the key to business success. Know more about an exciting career by leveraging your inherent skills for being competitive in the new-age world of analytics-driven decision making.

Our Executive MBA (EMBA) in Business Analytics course will show you the best path for your career growth. Online, part-time and onsite study modes are available for this contemporary course.

Executive MBA in Human Resource Management

Efficient strategic management of resources is a vital requirement of a successful business unit. The most vibrant resource in any business organization is the Human Resource (HR). Every organization tries to get the best Return on its Investment (ROI) to make profits and make a blue ocean in the highly competitive global world today. Companies which invest in their human resource to leverage top optimum performance from their people always acquire a higher return on their assets.

Managing groups competently and extracting the best out of them leads to a motivated team, which eventually leads to growth and profitability of an organization. Successful management and good leadership promote employee development and employee engagement. Managers and working professionals require special expertise to skillfully manage the human resource to help contribute towards organizational goals and objectives.

The specialization of HR Management in the Executive MBA (EMBA) curriculum has been ideally designed for executives to enhance their competencies and skills in adeptly managing the most valuable organizational asset, the human resource.

Assessment European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

Assessment will use vocationally relevant methods that require students to adopt a realistic work role and produce work in the formats that are expected in business. Case studies, problems, and examples used in assessments need to be current and have the requisite range of issues for students to consider at this level of study. Students would be able to apply their understanding of theory to their investigations and to their proposed solutions to problems.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for the above course should meet the following Criteria

1. Bachelor's Degree from a recognized University

2. English language proficiency equivalent to IELTS 6.0 and above.

3. Age 20 years and above

4. Candidates with minimum 2 years of work experience preferred

Course Delivery and Duration

The pedagogy has been carefully developed keeping in mind the busy schedule of working professionals and demands minimal disengagement from their social and professional life.

All the faculties delivering the sessions have relevant hands-on industry expertise coupled with academic experience. This translates into a holistic practical learning insight with relevance to the current dynamic business environment.

EBS delivers the course through conventional Onsite classrooms, state-of-the-art Online Live Interactive classes, blended learning sessions and even the self-study models. Our e-library provides the learner, access to a plethora of books, journals, white-papers, articles and presentations to enhance the overall knowledge take-away and improve their domain expertise.

The course is structured to be completed in 12 months and should not exceed the maximum duration of 24 months. Upon successful completion, the student will be able to attend the convocation ceremony at the Guglielmo Marconi University campus in Rome, Italy.

A global classroom.

Learners from more than 40 countries, from different time zones, cultures and backgrounds come together on our Online Live-Interactive classes to collaborate, engage, ideate, inspire and share experiences. They build networks and create friendships for a lifetime.

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Established in 2013, Eaton Business School Limited (EBS) (registration number 08671317) is incorporated as per the laws of England and Wales. Eaton Business School is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education. Read less
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