The International Executive MBA is an online two-year master's programme that follows the UOC educational model; it is aimed at professionals with at least 5 years of work experience who want to further their career in the world of business leadership and management in internationally oriented positions of greater responsibility.

The first part of the programme, the first year, includes subjects with a strong strategic content and oriented to decision-making in each and every area of the business value chain. This part requires performing tasks that take into account the professional skills needed by today's managers at all times, which are based in making decisions based on real cases, so the case method will be the centerpiece of the teaching methodology.

The second part is the specific part of the master's course. It includes content, such as competitive intelligence, management of multicultural teams or international strategy, while management skills, such as emotional intelligence, creativity and change management, are developed.

In the last part of the programme, students will draft a master's research paper or business plan and will also be able to participate in Business Week, a week in Barcelona where lectures, conferences, company visits, seminars, and workshops are offered with the aim of networking and developing managerial skills.

The main elements to highlight are the following:

  • Use of the case method as a central element in all subjects Given the special characteristics of the programme, cases will be totally oriented to business innovation and internationalization
  • A professional coach will support and guide you through the whole programme
  • Use of business games, chosen as the best compliment for training Their strategic and competitive nature makes them especially interesting for achieving shared objectives based on teamwork.
  • Completion of a master's project-oriented at acquiring skills as project management coordinator and focused on internationalization and market globalization.


  • Developing and promoting strategic thinking and integrating it into all business areas
  • Acquiring criteria to understand and take advantage of market trends and improve the ability to function effectively in a diverse global business environment
  • Promoting critical thinking, acquiring a body of knowledge on the functional areas of business and learning to use analytical tools that help in decision-making in a complex business world
  • Understanding models that favor management excellence and the implications of new organizational forms, and developing organizational skills to help implement new policies efficiently in organizations
  • Developing effective leadership, teamwork, supervision and communication skills
  • Understanding the strategic value of innovation and technology, and developing the ability to use them as effective management tools
  • Integrating the management of corporate social responsibility into the business strategy
  • Learning techniques to obtain relevant information about products, markets, and competitors
  • Understanding and leveraging the potential of cultural diversity applied to the creation and management of multicultural teams
  • Understanding the strategic elements of international business


The programme is aimed at professionals with a working experience of at least 5 years who want further training in the world of management and business management.


  • Ability to adapt to new situations
  • Independent self-learning
  • Capacity for analysis and synthesis
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to manage information
  • Thinking skills
  • Organisational and planning skills for international business
  • Strategic decision-making skills
  • Ability to lead change management
  • Ethical commitment
  • Expertise in using tools of technological and competitive surveillance
  • Expertise in using ICTs
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership
  • Driven by innovation
  • Decision-making
  • Critical thinking
  • Recognition of diversity and multiculturalism
  • Problem-solving
  • Interdisciplinary and multicultural teamwork
  • Working in an international context
  • Using emotional intelligence in personal and professional activities.

Who it is aimed at

The programme is aimed at professionals with a working experience of at least 5 years who want further training in the world of management and business management.

Specifically, it is aimed at:

  • business managers,
  • managers of business units,
  • line managers,
  • functional managers,
  • management professionals; and
  • technical professionals with general management vision.

Professional careers

This International Executive MBA programme will provide students with the skills to take on high responsibility tasks in business management. In a highly globalized market, managers with experience in making decisions in an international environment are recognized and sought after by companies.

The special features of this programme provide executives managers with the expertise to act on markets, cope with global competitors and maximize the strategic potential of multicultural teams.

Cost & Fees

The price of this programme is that which is in effect at the time of enrolment. Consult the section on Instalments and other payment options. When enrolling, you will be able to choose the payment option that best meets your needs.

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Last updated July 6, 2018
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