Executive MBA in Hospitality and Tourism


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Program Description

The Ostelea Executive MBA in Hospitality and Tourism was created with the aim of training future leaders in the tourism sector: managers, professionals and entrepreneurs capable of managing, at the highest level, business projects in the tourism and hotel sector.

The MBA aims to : enhance the managerial skills of hospitality managers or aspiring to be. At the same time, it tries to foster an entrepreneurial spirit by equipping students with the necessary skills to place the product and / or the business on the market in the proper conditions of solvency, profitability, attractiveness for the consumer and competitiveness.

Highlight that tourism accounts for more than 10% of world GDP and will continue to rise in 2018.

The MBA is taught online in real time, this methodology allows students to combine work with the family.

Why study the Executive MBA in Hospitality and Tourism at Ostelea

Management Skills

  • The Online program will allow students to combine work and family with their classes. All the subjects of the program have online teaching in real time or deferred, according to the needs of the student.

Business Game

  • The program implements learning through business simulation, in the form of a physical model, which implies the challenge of understanding strategic planning through its practice and execution in a context that is very close to the reality faced by executives in their day to day.

Case methodology

  • It is the main teaching methodology of this program, and consists of facing the participant with real business situations in order for them to analyze them and propose their own solutions.


  • More than 85% of the students are international, which provides a valuable multicultural approach to the different disciplines addressed during the program.

The Ostelea-EAE MBA in Hospitality and Tourism

  • International Vision in the Tourism Industry
    Offer management training with an international vision of the tourism industry, and an adaptable perspective to a changing and competitive environment.
  • Strategy
    Ensure tourism business management based on strategic plans and aimed at obtaining results
  • Needs
    To respond to the training needs of managers specialized in the tourism sector.
  • Innovation
    Develop the capacity for innovation and creative management in managers of tourism and hotel companies.
  • Future Leaders
    Train future leaders of the global hotel and tourism industry. Provide managers and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector with the managerial skills and competencies necessary to ensure dynamic, effective and successful leadership.
  • Trends
    Analyze global trends in the sector, and gain insights and strategies to become ethical leaders of global tourism organizations.

Training plan

The MBA in Online Tourism is classified into 6 modules:

  • Environment and global markets
  • Address of people
  • Address of the international company
  • Internationalization of the company
  • Master's thesis
  • Intensification Seminar


The master is directed by Roberto Torregrosa, with more than 30 years of experience in catering and accommodation companies, national and international chains and independent establishments. Hotels like Hilton Barcelona, Rey Juan Carlos I are some of the renowned establishments where he has developed his professional career in managerial positions. President of the Catalan Association of Tourism Professionals. Member of the Tourism Board of the Generalitat de Catalunya and specialist in hotel management.

To ensure an excellent experience in Ostelea, the role played by our team of teachers is essential. As such, Ostelea has an excellent team of highly respected teachers in every field of enrollment.

The Ostelea faculty is made up of a team of highly qualified and recognized university professors, professionals and professors, who guarantee compliance with the objectives set for each program and professional activity.


The admission process guarantees the suitability of the candidates, in this way all the participants will be able to take full advantage of this learning experience.

To start the admission process it is necessary to fill in the information request. From that moment Ostelea will contact the candidate to close an interview to which the following documentation must be submitted:

  • University degree
  • The Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Two letters of recommendation

After finishing the interview, the Admissions Committee will analyze case by case and communicate the resolution to the candidate to inform him of the status of his admission.


The participant who successfully completes the program will obtain a triple qualification :

  • The MBA degree in Hospitality and Tourism from The Ostelea, School of Tourism & Hospitality.
  • The MBA degree in Hospitality and Tourism from EAE Business School.
  • The MBA degree from the University of Lleida.


Ostelea makes available to the candidates, for the Master in event organization and protocol, scholarships consisting of financial aid with the aim of supporting our students.

Each application will be studied independently, it will be granted during the admission process and it will be communicated personally by the Admissions Committee before the formalization of the registration.

Scholarships representing 100% of the total enrollment fee will not be awarded in any case.

The economic aid will be offered in the following cases:

  • Advance reservation of place.
  • Adequacy of the profile to the requirements of each program.
  • Former students of the school. In this case, a 25% discount will be applied to the enrollment.
Last updated Nov 2020

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