The Executive MBA in Digital Transformation is a unique and innovative program designed to prepare executives and managers with experience to manage change and direct processes of digitalization and transformation in organizations.

The Executive MBA Online aims to train professionals with specific training capable of directing digitized companies and leading processes of change and transformation. This training program covers all areas of knowledge specific to the management of technology companies, adapting to the characteristics of the digital world, where innovation and change are decisive for the future.

At the end of the Executive MBA in Digital Transformation you will know how to manage a digitized company and you will be able to implement exponential technologies such as Big Data, 3D, IA, IoT, Mobile

What will I learn?

At the end of the Executive MBA in Digital Transformation you will be perfectly capable of:
  • Know the new digital technologies
  • Understand the new sales channels and interaction with the market
  • Formulate agile organization models 4.0
  • Learn to use new technologies in business strategy
  • Develop growth strategies and digital GotoMarket
  • Apply Automation and AI in work models
  • Use Big Data and Predictive Analytics in decision systems
  • Apply exponential technologies in your organization

Who is it for?

The Executive MBA in Digital Transformation provides training specifically oriented to the following profiles:
  • General Managers and Managers
  • Executives and executives with strategic responsibility
  • Area Directors with at least 5 years of managerial experience
  • Project Managers, Product Managers and Intermediate Managers with at least 10 years of experience.


The structure and subjects of the Executive MBA Online is organized as follows:

Module 1. Transformation of Organizations and the Model

  • Culture eats strategy at breakfast
  • Darwin, business and the omnipresence of the client
  • From hierarchical models to systemic organizations
  • Masterclass: Holocracia: Cooperativist Model - Jon Fernández, CEO of ORBEA
  • Masterclass Executive: How to transform an organization under Teal focus - Leticia Alameda, Desing Strategy Lead in The Cocktail

Module 2. Business strategy

  • Digital CEOs and the new Strategic Management. Corporate Strategies UEN
  • Digital COOs. The direction of operations in digital contexts
  • On innovation and digitalization. CDO, CIO and CTOs. Corporate Venturing
  • Masterclass: Companies adaptive to change - Rafael Martínez Alonso, Senior Consultant at Arthur D.
  • LittleMasterclass Executive: Keys to build exponential organizations - Roberto Carlos, Head of Marketing at TSN Mexico

Module 3. Agile product development

  • Desing Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Agile
  • Masterclass: Productivity in project management based on Agile methods - Marlon Molina, Director of Computer World University
  • Masterclass: The importance of data in the transformation of a product - Antonio Rodríguez, CEO of Opinator

Module 4. Transformation of People, Processes and Work Tools

  • Transforming organizations through the management of people
  • Internal communication in the digital era
  • The digital evolution of tools in organizations
  • Masterclass: Positive language in people management - Luis Castellanos, Ph.D. Writer, researcher, trainer, lecturer / Positive language and its influence on the brain and mind
  • Masterclass: The management of happiness in companies - Alejandra Vallejo, Psychologist. Writer University Professor Prof Stress Management Mindfulness Colab Ins Coca-Cola of Happiness

Module 5. Marketing Plan

  • Marketing as a Key Driver
  • The new direction of marketing - CMO
  • Marketing Plan and its integration in the digital strategy
  • Masterclass: The digital transformation of Axel Springer - Marina Roch Martín, Marketing Director of Axel Springer
  • Tech Masterclass: Cloud Computing - Julio Merelo, Director of Digital Architecture, Smart Data

Module 6. Product Market Fit

  • Phases Product: Development, Launch and maturity, decline
  • Product Team and Product Plan
  • Digital Products: Web, Apps, Management of digital projects
  • Masterclass: Ticketing Post Office: Reinventing postal services - Sergio Pérez, Product Manager - Ticketing at Correos
  • Masterclass: Keys and creativity for the communication of new products or Content Maps
  • Tech Masterclass: Cybersecurity - Alex Guasch, Project Manager at SEAT

Module 7. Clients and Marketing

  • Sales Principles
  • Sales, negotiation, presentation and storytelling techniques
  • Sales and Distribution Plan
  • Masterclass: The step to the digital economy of Lego - César Ridruejo, Senior Director Country Manager at LEGO Iberia
  • Masterclass: The transformation of Tinsa into a database - Jorge Valero, Brussels-based reporter 4 @EURACTIV

Module 8. Logistics

  • Distribution Plan in the company
  • Logistics and DropShipping
  • Logistics e-Commerce
  • Tech Masterclass: Robotization and automation - Juan José Montiel, Cofounder at ecomVALUE21

Module 9. Marketing PULL

  • Concepts for the preparation of a Marketing Plan Pull
  • Design and development of a content strategy
  • Other tools and methodologies

Module 10. Finance and Accounting

  • Economy and Business
  • States and Economic Projections in the company
  • Management Accounting and Financial / Investment Analysis
  • Tech Masterclass: The blockchain will change the economy as we know it today - Jorge Ordavás, Head of Blockchain at Telefónica

Module 11. Marketing PUSH

  • Digital marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Masterclass: Advergaming
  • Tech Masterclass: RA and RV - Yaiza Moreno, 3D Developer at Gravient

Module 12. Investment and Financing

  • Business valuation Budget manufacturing Economic indicators
  • Sources of financing for companies. Stock markets
  • M
  • Masterclass: What an accelerator of companies analyzes when investing in a Startup
  • Masterclass: How I got my first investors in the project

Module 13. Analytics and UX

  • Business Analytics
  • Management models Data Driven and Business Intelligence BI
  • Customer Experience
  • Masterclass Executive: Analytics in Talent Management
  • Tech Masterclass: Within a Big Data system -
  • Tech Masterclass: IoT and Data Science - Carlos Picazo, Professor of Data Science

Module 14. Legal

  • The business vehicle
  • Commercial, Tax, Labor, Digital
  • Protection and Exploitation
  • Masterclass: Protection of intangibles: brand, software and algorithms
  • Masterclass: Legal challenges for digital transformation

Module 15. Release

  • The importance of growth. SpinfOdd business to grow. Corporate Venturing. Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Growth Strategy I. Growth, Strategy and Execution
  • Growth Strategy II. Equipment, Cash and target model OKR. Growth levers
  • Masterclass: Geostrategy. International context
  • Tech Masterclass: Artificial Intelligence - Pascual Parada, Consultant and trainer in digital innovation and business growth

Module 16. International

  • International Markets
  • Organizational and Strategic Models for Internationalization / Legal and Finance for Internationalization
  • International Marketing / Online
  • Masterclass: How to start an international online marketing campaign and why
  • Masterclass Executive: Search for partners, partners, collaborators (Case of fast food company)

Exponential Technologies - Tech MasterClass-:

  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • IoT
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented and Mixed Reality
  • Robotization and automation

End of Master Project

* The syllabus and masterclasses may suffer modifications motivated by the update and improvement thereof.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated January 7, 2019
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