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Program Description

The value of an Executive MBA

The Executive MBA has been designed to afford participants an efficient way of working in an environment characterised by complexity, uncertainty and continuous change. Consequently, the experience of the Executive MBA and the Executive MBA On-line at Instituto de Empresa is marked by the following:

A year of intense learning. In such a fast-changing world like today, one-year programmes provide a highly demanding accelerated learning process so that students may acquire all the know-how required for business management at the highest levels.
We promote an entrepreneurial spirit not only because entrepreneurs create their own companies, but also because they contribute with their ideas to the growth and improvement of the organisation in which they work.
The programme has a committed international vocation, with the presence of over 20 nationalities on the programme itself and more than 65 nationalities present on our campus.
An eminently practical programme, the case methodology places students in real situations and foments the discussion of the situation in an international environment.
The programme is flexible and caters for students who are unable to travel to Madrid every week.

The online version of the Executive MBA involves four periods of physical presence - two of one week and two of two weeks - with two on-line periods in between the first two. This programme begins in February of each year and ends in March of the following year.

A School in permanent contact with the reality of the business world, which makes it possible to make the most of its multiple activities and contacts during and after the programme thanks to a network of over 28,000 alumni.


The programme starts with the inauguration day. This is a complete working day, from 09.30h to 19.00h, including a lunch break.

The main aim of the inauguration day is to explain the philosophy and methodology of the case method that will be used throughout the programme, as well as to foster the integration of new students through Action Learning.

Between the first and second period, approximately halfway through the course, the students~ day is held. The objective here is to evaluate course activities and to introduce students` partners and families into the dynamics of a typical day of IE classes. It is also an ideal opportunity for all to exchange experiences in a pleasant setting.

Learning methods

Discussion of practical case methods

This is the main method used. Students are provided in advance with a practical case study that describes the specific situation of a company. In the general sessions, students are asked to expound their points of view, the decisions they would take, and the analysis that has led them to adopt their stance.

The acquisition of tools used for theoretical analysis is achieved through explanations in class sessions and online debate in the case of the online programme. The student is also furnished with notes that introduce and develop concepts which make for easier understanding.


In order to analyse the cases that will subsequently be discussed in class, participants are divided into workgroups, formed in accordance with profiles and experiences. The idea is not, however, to reach the same conclusion within the group, unless the professor has specifically requested it, but rather to build on the opinions of each person with a view to bringing maximum enrichment to class discussions.

In the case of the online programme, during non-presidential periods, teamwork is carried out regardless of the geographic location of participants. The virtual platform eliminates distances and brings flexibility to timetables, permitting each participant to work when it is convenient for him/her.


The Executive MBA is designed for people who wish to continue working while they do the programme. It is, however, important to remember that all participants will need time for individual and group study.

Students Requirements

The highly demanding nature of Instituto de Empresa master�s degree programmes requires a rigorous selection process to select the right candidates from a large number of applicants.

The fundamental objective of the admissions process is to select high-potential candidates who are pro-active, motivated and creative. Candidates who not only stand out because of a superlative academic and professional curriculum but also offer the kind of interpersonal skills that permit them to glean maximum added value from the programme. We are also interested in people with clear professional and personal goals who bring maturity and enrichment to the classroom.

We aim to provide our candidates with a backdrop that will enable them to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relations with alumni and Instituto de Empresa as an institution.

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