Course Outline: What You Will Cover

Very few careers offer immense personal and professional satisfaction like mediation and dispute resolution. Sign up for the course and complete the modules below.

Course Units

1 Insights on Mediation and Conflict Resolution

  • Dispute Management and Resolution
  • Organizing Mediation

2 Setting the Foundation for Successful Mediation

  • Meeting the Disputing Parties
  • Choosing a Mediation Strategy
  • Gathering and Evaluating Information
  • Developing Plans for Mediation
  • Gaining Trust and Cooperation

3 Facilitating Productive Mediation

  • Starting the Mediation Session
  • Determining Concerns and Agenda Setting
  • Revealing the Interests Concealed by the Disputing Parties
  • Creating Settlement Options

4 Arriving at a Settlement

  • Gauging Settlement Options
  • Handling Bargaining and Agreeing on a Conclusion
  • Attaining an Official Settlement or Agreement
  • Managing Unique Situations
  • Techniques for Mediation that Involves Multiparty
  • Binding Settlement Agreements (Templates Available)

Career Prospects

Letting a mediator handle dispute can be a more cost-efficient, private and effective solution compared to bringing the case to court and/or hiring lawyers or solicitors. This statement is supported by a recent ranking report, “30 Best Careers”. In the same study, mediators reportedly performed excellently in terms of job satisfaction, salary and reputation. The profession continues to gain popularity all over the world and anticipates growth in employment opportunities.

If this career path captures your interest, you got to have the traits to match. The best mediators are honest, fair and confident people who value teamwork. They should also possess good judgment and impressive communication skills. It is indeed a significant and rewarding profession especially when negotiations turn out to be successful because of the mediator’s abilities in providing direction and in encouraging parties to arrive at a solution that is fair to everyone involved.

Qualified mediators can always find jobs in the government, legal service firms, academic institutions, insurance companies and other private businesses. They can also work as an independent mediator or in a company that provides mediation services. Mediation skills are also pertinent in many careers and industries such as counselling, customer service, management, law, education, sales etc. It can give your existing career a boost and set you apart from other applicants or colleagues.

Program taught in:
  • English (US)
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