This Engineering has an academic plan that allows the graduate to respond to the improvement needs of logistics processes of any organization using avant-garde tools and processes.

What will you learn?

We tell you our curriculum

  • To manage, manage and optimize resources, inputs and industrial processes and to develop studies of response times and movements in the production of goods and / or services.
  • To analyze plant production systems that respond to competitiveness strategies, ensuring the quality of intelligent processes, products and facilities.
  • Increase the competitiveness of production systems, taking into account the distribution and transport of goods.

Why choose UVM?

Management preparation

Executive development area that reinforces your leadership skills, decision making, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Learn and apply

Learning focused on gaining knowledge immediately applicable in your work environment.

Graduates 1,2,3

Diploma in Statistical Methods, Management Competencies and Intelligent Supply

Is this degree for you?

We offer you the best options thinking of you

Absolutely if you have ..

Interest in contributing to boost the country's competitiveness indexes, both internally and internationally.

Especially if you want ...

Participate in the management of intermodal transport, in the administration and evaluation of projects and technologies applied to the improvement of performance in ports, factories and the exchange of merchandise.

Where can you work?

In the areas of traffic and transport, as well as in inventories and warehouses. You can also play, leading multidisciplinary teams composed of professionals in foreign trade, transport, logistics and other specialties.

How to register?

The step-by-step process

  1. Choose your academic program, modality and campus, and fill out the form with your information
  2. Go to the campus to present your placement exams and attend the induction course
  3. Make the payment and deliver your official documents
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated February 4, 2019
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