European Master's Degree in Sustainable Development Management


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Program Description

An interface between the different players in the company and its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, local residents, public and voluntary organizations ...), the European Master of the owner of Sustainable Development Management participates in the consideration and implementation implement sustainable development principles into policy and business strategy.

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The qualities necessary to the manager of sustainable development are: patience and diplomacy. It is also necessary to know how to communicate especially popularize field of standards.

Acquire the following skills:

  • Understanding the principles of sustainable development
  • Know the principles and tools of communication
  • Understanding of the types of management
  • Know the main reference texts on the ICPE
  • Know implementing eco-design in his business
  • Knowing the impact of the supply chain on the environment
  • Propose and implement actions to optimize energy consumption
  • Acquire the HQE management methods
  • Control regulations on waste
  • Know the safety issues in the workplace
  • Provide better working conditions for staff
  • Insert the company in local life
  • Advise and assist management from a diagnostic Sustainable Development
  • Know how to build a performance evaluation system of sustainable development

Program Structure

Operational Management of Sustainable Development - Master I

  • A UC 4/5 - Companies, competition and Europe
  • UC B 4 - European Living Language
  • UC D 41.1 - Governance and managerial practices
  1. The challenges of sustainable development for the company
  2. Internal and external communication
  3. Influence Skills
  4. Regulatory rules and ensure
  • UC D 41.2 - Environmental Responsibility and Safety
  1. Eco-design
  2. Logistics, transport and storage
  3. Challenges of an optimal water management
  4. Reduce its impacts in terms of atmospheric emissions
  5. Control its energy consumption
  6. Manage its waste in a sustainable manner: establishment of a suitable sorting and of an overall waste production reduction
  7. Control nuisance inherent in the business of his company
  8. The security issues
  9. Ergonomics, musculoskeletal disorders
  10. Home incoming, staff training
  11. The risks in the company
  • UCD 42 - Mission or Professional Project:
  • Mission: Work placement or employment.

Operational Management of Development - Master II

  • UC B5 - European Living Language:
  • UC D51 - societal and economic responsibilities of business
  1. Strategy and Policy for Sustainable Development
  2. Relations with stakeholders
  • UC D52 - Implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy
  • UC D53 - Professional thesis


A probationary period lasting 6 to 12 weeks is achievable, but not mandatory. Candidates not having the opportunity to do an internship can support their memory on theoretical work. In this case, the memory project is determined with reference your teacher.

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