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Program Description

The European MASTER is aimed primarily at students who have completed a diploma II (Tray 3) in the areas of human resource management, psychology, sociology or labor law.

Two specialty modules are offered to students who will be able to specialize in the second year of European MASTER:

  • Specialty Training,
  • Specialty Recruitment.

Your Profile

Faculty of listening, dialogue and contact, have a real culture of the company and its workings, to be organized.

The following competencies:

  • Managing conflicts with trade unions
  • Human Resources Management of a company
  • Management of processes related to Human Resources
  • Ability to project negotiation, management and the consideration of economic, normative and legislative factors
  • Ability to accountability in organizations
  • Implementation of conflict prevention devices

Program Structure

Human Resources Management - Master I

  • UC 4/5 - Companies, competition and Europe
  • UC B4 - European Living Language
  • UC D 41.1 Legal Environment
  • Labor law
  • Introduction to company law
  • UC D 41.2 Human Resource Management
  • Financial management of a project
  • Management Team
  • Practice of human resource management
  • D42 CPU or Professional Mission Project:
  • Mission: Work placement or employment.

Human Resources Management - Master II

  • UC B5 - European Living Language
  • UC D51 - HR Strategies
  • International mobility
  • Internal Communication
  • Personnel administration and remuneration policy, Introduction to work psychology and ergonomics
  • UC D52 - Specialty Education
  • Training or recruitment
  • UCD 53 - Professional thesis


A probationary period lasting 6 to 12 weeks is achievable, but not mandatory. Candidates who do not have the ability to perform enentreprise internship can support their memory on theoretical work. In this case, the memory project is determined with reference your teacher.

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