European Executive MBA


Program Description


European Executive MBA (E-MBA)

As a manager, it is important to stay ahead of market trends and development, as well as with the various external factors that influence a company’s success, ability to compete with others, and position in the market.

Some of the most important parameters for a company to be successful are strategy, economics, management, marketing, and human resource management, and this program has a strong focus on these topics.

This MBA Degree is a part-time and international program, offered by Leeds Beckett University in co-operation with IBA International Business Academy in Kolding.

With a European Executive MBA, you will get the skills to be able to work with all of the important aspects of a business. You get tools as well as knowledge and methods, to use now and in your future career.

Key Facts

  • Awarded by: Leeds Beckett University, UK
  • Delivered by: IBA-International Business Academy, Denmark
  • Method of delivery: 100 % online (also exams)
  • Progression: Ask for details
  • How to apply:

Send the following documents to

  • Copy of relevant diplomas/certificates
  • CV/Resume
  • Application form
  • Evidence of English skills
  • Photo-ID (copy of passport or similar)


Choosing the e-learning program gives you maximum freedom and flexibility during your studies. The classes are a combination of live online seminars and teaching via our digital platform. All seminars are recorded, so you can watch them regardless of time and place.

This program is highly flexible, so you plan your own time and work schedule in close co-operation with your lecturer. You are independent of time and place.

What is e-Learning?

E-Learning programs are programs that are offered online or through distance learning, and put simply, studying by distance learning means you don't have to be based in Kolding to take one of our courses. Wherever you are, you may study with us.

When you choose one of our e-learning programs, you can study at a distance, at a time and pace that suit you.

Our e-Learning Team

We've been running e-learning courses at the IBA since 1996 and welcome students across the world - from Denmark to Argentina and Australia to Canada.

Our dedicated e-Learning team consists of specialists who make sure that our students have a great education and a great experience.

We ensure that:

  • Each course is the same quality and level as a course studied on our campus and internationally
  • The teaching and learning materials are chosen and designed to help you learn and succeed while studying at home
  • The support we provide to e-Learning students is prompt, efficient and helpful
  • Our academic staff are subject experts and dedicated to delivering great courses that help our e-learning students thrive in their careers and lives.

Benefits of e-Learning

  • E-learning is a great way to progress further in your career - you can balance the demands of your course with your everyday commitments, allowing you to keep working while you learn.
  • You don't have to come on to campus to attend lectures and seminars, so you won’t have to worry about relocating.
  • Since there are no borders limiting our activities, our e-learning programs are truly international awarding internationally recognized degrees.
  • You'll have the option to study at home after the kids have gone to bed, in a library, in a coffee shop - or even on the bus. In fact, if you can access the internet, you can access nearly everything you need for our e-learning courses.
  • All our e-learning courses have start dates twice a year, giving you added options.
  • Any qualification you earn from us by e-learning is of equal value to one obtained studying on campus.
  • As well as having access to both the IBA’s and Leeds Beckett University's libraries and electronic databases, you can use other university libraries, so you’ll have the benefit of learning resources close to where you live.
  • All e-programs are split up into modules giving you flexibility and enabling you to control your own learning progression.
  • You can get on and off “the train” at any time


Support While You Study

We put a lot of time and effort into ensuring you have a great experience with us. When signing up, all e-learning students are given access to online information, which specifies exactly what is expected from you - and what you can expect from us.

Just because you aren't learning on campus doesn't mean you'll have to cope on your own - you'll have the support of dedicated academic staff while studying the individual modules, and our administrative personnel will be on hand to offer you advice about everything from academic issues to stress and anxiety.

Tools for Learning

Our students log in to a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) instead of attending lectures or seminars in person. The VLE gives you access to course materials such as videos, e-books and other documents. You also use it to discuss the course material with your tutors and peers and to submit your assignments and receive feedback.

As well as through the VLE, you'll communicate with us through our online webinars, and emails.

There is also an opportunity to attend an annual residential at Leeds Beckett University if you like.

Our Partners

We work with specialist organizations to ensure that our e-learning programs deliver the best qualifications possible. Our partners include:

  • Leeds Beckett University
  • Canvas - they are global online learning experts, and we currently utilize their world-leading virtual learning environment (VLE)
  • Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) - we are proud members of this organization, which has accredited our programs
  • Through LBU we are also accredited by the British QAA.

Jobs and career

Do you want to be first in line when companies need managers? By getting this education, you are able to hold a manager or mid-level manager position within an international company. You also have a good foundation for a career within consulting, marketing, finance, and human resource management within the international market.

Program contents

  • The typical duration of the program is 2 years (4 semesters).
  • The program comprises 6 x 12-week modules, and a dissertation. 180 CATS in total.
  • The program is 100% e-learning, and all classes and tests are in English.
  • Every module finishes with a written assignment or an oral online test.
  1. Managerial Economics - 20 CATS (10 ECTS)
  2. Managing Human Resources - 20 CATS (10 ECTS)
  3. Managing Accountancy & Finance - 20 CATS (10 ECTS)
  4. Managing Strategy and Change - 20 CATS (10 ECTS)
  5. Marketing Management - 20 CATS (10 ECTS)
  6. Critical Management Inquiry - 20 CATS (10 ECTS)
  7. Dissertation (Hovedopgave) - 60 CATS (30 ECTS)

Admission requirements

You must normally have successfully completed a degree in a relevant subject area at the undergraduate level (bachelor or equivalent), and your English level must correspond to the IELTS academic score of 6.0+ or equivalent.

Students from Denmark must have passed English at a level equivalent to a Danish Upper Secondary education B-level. The English B-level is represented by 210 hours during the last three years of upper-secondary school (equivalent to the Danish B-level of a Danish upper-secondary examination).

Last updated May 2020

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