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Program Description

Human resource management covers many areas, including training, payroll, internal and social relations, the establishment of new social laws such as the 35 hours and the RTT (Reduction of Working Time).

To work in these services, we must have legal knowledge, financial and accounting, and have developed interpersonal skills

Your Profile

Open-minded, discreet, disciplined, good communication ...

Prerequisites :

  • Holds a +2 kind BTS, IUT, Licence 2
  • Holds a tray and you have 3 years experience in the relevant field
  • Or equivalent and 4-5 years experience in the relevant field
  • Hold a diploma or a certificate issued by a school or university, valid at least 120 credits under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The following competencies:

  • Observing the realities of human resources related activity
  • Develop and administer a training plan
  • Pay dues and track disease and welfare records
  • Making a recruitment plan
  • Establish payroll
  • Assess staffing needs
  • Write and publish jobs
  • Participate in the implementation of the social balance
  • Developing the internal communication system

Pursue work:

  • recruitment service assistant
  • Assistant HR consultant
  • Deputy Human Resources Project Manager
  • Rechnicien personnel management
  • corporate recruitment officer or cabinet
  • Research assistant

Program Structure

EU A - The Culture Programme and European Citizenship is common to all programs of the FEDE Europe: history, geography, institutions, a right and the major issues.

A1 EU - Europe, uniqueness values, cultural diversity

  • History and Civilization
  • Cultures and religions, practices and policies of European states
  • European citizensEU A2 - European integration, institutions within the international framework
    • Major international organizations related to Europe
    • The council of Europe, OSCE
    • The European Union, its institutions and their functioning
    • The means of action
    • Future of European construction
    • INGOs
    EU A3 - Intercultural management and human resources
    • Intercultural management
    • human resources in Europe
    EU B - European Living Language
    • Vocabulary acquisition from work
    • Drafting of commercial mail, telephone
    EU D - Professional Techniques
    • Admisnitration staff
    • internal communications and human resources
    • Labor law
    • Evaluation staff
    • Training
    • Management of jobs and skills (GPEC)
    • Recruitment
    • Compensation: Payroll - The remuneration policy


A probationary period lasting 6 to 12 weeks is achievable, but not mandatory. Candidates not having the opportunity to do an internship can support their memory on theoretical work. In this case, the memory project is determined with reference your teacher.


To graduate, students enrolled must obtain an overall average greater than 10/20 to 6/20 and a top score for each constituent unit of Education degree.

However, the validation of the diploma does not automatically lead obtaining all the ECTS credits for this degree.

Indeed, ECTS credits are allocated to each unit capitalizable and are obtained by the student when his note to the capitalizable unit is greater than or equal to 10/20.

A student can therefore validate a diploma by offsetting its results to the various credit units, but do not get all the ECTS credits of the degree, if some notes are less than 10/20.

Last updated Mar 2020

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ESOAD est la seule école en France à proposer exclusivement des diplômes FEDE.

ESOAD est la seule école en France à proposer exclusivement des diplômes FEDE. Read less
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