European Diploma of graduate studies assistant (e) direction


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Program Description

The holder of DEESAD - Executive Assistant is the right hand of the leader. It manages the business and entrepreneur projects. He schedules and assigns the necessary means for their implementation. It also monitors and performs an assessment of the activities. It can also be updated and fact books, it organizes and then manages to exploit its sources. Mastering computer skills and being versatile, this close collaborator of an entrepreneur is also known for its discretion.

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True leader right arm, mastering computer skills, the management assistant function requires adaptability and versatility, not to mention the professional attributes which must have the aide of an entrepreneur: discretion, responsiveness, organizational capacity.

Prerequisites :

  • Holds a +2 kind BTS, IUT, Licence 2
  • Holds a tray and you have 3 years experience in the field
  • Equivalent and you have 4-5 years experience in the field
  • Hold a diploma or a certificate issued (e) by a school or a university, valid at least 120 credits under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

The following competencies:

  • Communication skills (written, written and visual communication, oral communication)
  • Manage textual and numeric information
  • Manage activities, projects
  • Plan, allocate the resources necessary for the implementation of activities
  • Monitor and carry out an assessment of various activities
  • Search for and exploit documentary sources
  • Establish and update documentation files
  • Organize and manage documentation

Carry trades:

  • Executive assistant
  • Assistant (e) direction
  • administrative and commercial collaborator

Training content

European Culture

  • Europe, uniqueness values, cultural diversity
  • European integration and its institutions in the international context
  • Intercultural management and human resources

Living language

  • Vocabulary acquisition from work
  • The drafting of commercial mail, telephone

professional techniques

  • Intercultural management and human resources
  • Support system communication in organizations
  • Support system for information management in organizations
  • support system decision in organizations
  • Support system the organization of action in organizations
  • support system management delegated shares


Internship period lasting 6 to 12 weeks is to achieve but not mandatory. Candidates not having the opportunity to perform an internship can support their memory on theoretical work. In this case, the memory project is to determine your reference teacher.


To graduate, students enrolled must obtain an overall average greater than 10/20 to 6/20 and a top score for each constituent unit of Education degree.

However, the validation of the diploma does not automatically lead obtaining all the ECTS credits for this degree.

Indeed, ECTS credits are allocated to each unit capitalizable and are obtained by the student when his note to the capitalizable unit is greater than or equal to 10/20.

A student can therefore validate a diploma by offsetting its results to the various credit units, but do not get all the ECTS credits of the degree, if some notes are less than 10/20.

Last updated Mar 2020

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ESOAD est la seule école en France à proposer exclusivement des diplômes FEDE.

ESOAD est la seule école en France à proposer exclusivement des diplômes FEDE. Read less
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