Workshop Description

This workshop is a runway for people wishing to improve their writing, either because their work requires it, for their studies (administrative, translators, university students, opponents ...) or because they want to get started in literary creation. It provides the necessary grammatical and stylistic notions so that the student acquires a solid formal basis that allows him to confidently face the writing of any type of text.

In the course both native speakers and foreigners can participate from a level C1 in Spanish.


The courses are taught in our virtual Campus and can be followed from anywhere and at any time. Each unit the teacher comments on all the texts in a written report, in which besides making a personalized comment to each student, makes a global commentary, focused on the theme of the unit and complemented by what was discussed in the group along unit.

The courses start on Wednesdays, the day on which the coordinator starts the first discussion forums. That day also access to the first PDF with the theoretical work material and the proposed writing practice. The students will have a space of seven days (until Tuesday), to send their exercises. The teacher will collect the exercises and put them in common with the group, guiding the debate and reading about them. On Tuesday of the following week, he will send his comments as a final report to the group. And, once a month, during the day and at the time that best suits the majority of the students, a virtual chat (in a private chat room) will be convened to comment on the lessons or to review some aspects that offer doubts.


First month

  • 1 - Addressee and purpose of the text.
  • 2 - Errors with the noun and the pronoun.
  • 3 - Learn how to rate a text.
  • 4 - Documentation and generation of ideas.

Second month

  • 5 - The importance of the paragraph.
  • 6 - The labyrinth of prepositions and conjunctions. Verb tenses.
  • 7 - The choice of words.
  • 8 - The adjective, the adverb and the determinant: uses and problems.

Third month

  • 9 - Keys for correct syntax and spelling. Learn to put accents.
  • 10 - Types of speech.
  • 11 - The external aspect of the text. The typography.
  • 12 - Review what we have written. Standards of style.

Course price

  • Monthly fee: 115 euros (plus 30 euros of enrollment).
  • Single payment: 345 euros.

Payment options

  • With card through our platform of secure payment in PayTPV.
  • By bank transfer (only from Spanish bank accounts).
  • By direct debit (only to Spanish bank accounts).
  • By Paypal.
  • Through alternative payment systems.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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