Best Online Executive Masters in Business Administration in Finance 2019

If you are hoping to further your career, an Executive Master of Business Administration may be exactly what you need. Many companies now consider an advanced degree to be a requirement for job candidates, and in some cases, those with advanced degrees make higher salaries.

What is an online EMBA in Finance? Since research is a pillar of this field, courses at many universities teach students innovative research methods to arm them with powerful knowledge and get their work published in peer-reviewed journals. Students also learn how to execute smart account and finance management using different techniques and strategies. Programs also instill leadership in students, empowering them with the potential for career growth.

An advanced education in finance provides students with a strong capacity for analysis, which is crucial in the eyes of many employers. Producing financial reports that are both accurate and detailed gives graduates an edge in the job market, while accounting qualifications demonstrate their ability to adhere to processes.

The cost of earning an online EMBA in Finance varies from school and school and across countries, so getting an estimate based on your circumstances is recommended.

Due to the multi-faceted nature of the finance industry, graduates can choose the sub-fields most compatible with their skillset and interests. Investment banking provides the opportunity to work with companies and individuals at the top of their game. Private-equity professionals guide businesses in their quest for capital to fund operations. At the opposite end of the spectrum are venture-capital professionals who determine whether or not their clients will invest in various start-ups and small companies. Hedge fund jobs involve the purchase and sale of financial products and assets, with roles including regulatory compliance officer, portfolio manager, trader, financial analyst and quantitative analyst.

Start exploring the world of finance today. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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EMAS Eurasian Management & Administration School

Study in English! (1) Online anywhere, (2) Blended learning or (3) Full-time on campus in Russia! Top-14 best MBAs in Central & Eastern Europe! Top-200 best MBAs in t ... [+]

Study in English!

Advanced premium (1) 100% Online, (2) Blended learning or (3) Full-time on campus in Russia implementation education program for those who need to obtain mature modern management skills for working at senior positions and who are not satisfied with the basic knowledge that is given by most academic business schools. Because of the Financial Management specialization students receive a complete course on financial management.

2 prestigious degrees: Executive MBA degree from EMAS (Russia) + Executive MBA diploma of GFKM (European Union, Poland).


No. 1 online MBA in Russia No. 1 blended MBA in Russia No. 2 on-campus MBA in Russia TOP-14 MBA in CE Europe TOP-20 Executive MBA in CE Europe TOP-200 MBA & Executive MBA in the World What do you get? At least 31 business management skills. Practical solutions to your specific problems owing to consulting learning format, fast income growth, and career development worldwide. Increase in sales and profit margin, business processes and competitive power upgrade. Professional development and enhanced personal effectiveness. Learning formats 100% Online. Blended learning. Full-time on-campus. ... [-]
Russia Moscow Nizhny Novgorod Russia Online Ukraine Kyiv Belarus Minsk Kazakhstan Almaty  + 6 More
Open Enrollment
12 - 18 months
Online & Campus Combined