EDGE ONLINE: Business Foundations

The goal is simple: to deliver a clear working knowledge of the basic concepts and strategies that drive global business today. What you get:

  • Learn at your own pace: you’ll get 90 days to complete the course online
  • Learn from the best: this course is taught by the elite of UCLA Anderson’s world-class faculty
  • Talk the talk: learn the fundamental vocabulary of key areas of business and management
  • Walk the walk: apply business concepts to boost your career and deliver more organizational value
  • Certificate of Completion from UCLA Anderson Executive Education

About the Course

Beneath the ever-evolving complexity of today’s world of work are fundamental principles that form the foundations of business, whatever your industry and wherever you are in the world. Understanding these foundations – how they work together and how to practically apply them – is a necessity for anyone venturing into business, whether in management or as an entrepreneur. This course is divided into three areas, each of which introduces students to one or more key dimensions of business:

  1. Strategy and Organizations
  2. Operations and Finance
  3. Marketing and Managerial Leadership

By completing this course, students will gain a powerful career edge through exposure to the language of business and its core drivers, enabling them to create and capture more value for their organizations and accelerate their career trajectories.


Introduction to Strategy and Organizations

Introduction to Strategy and Organizations sets the stage for learning about how business works. Beginning with an understanding of what an organization is and its basic purposes, topics include vertical and horizontal integration, diversification, the managerial role, designing incentive plans, business strategy, the central importance of “value” in a business context and the concept of industry attractiveness. Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Determine a company’s profit, using such key business concepts as input costs, transformation, total cost, price, willingness to pay and value.
  • Make intelligent decisions about horizontal and vertical integration involving your business.
  • Use a comprehensive business strategy to intentionally create, capture and deliver value to your company and your customers.

Introduction to Operations and Finance

Introduction to Operations and Finance digs into two of the most crucial aspects of business – the processes that support production and delivery of a good or service, and the financial acumen required to keep the operation running. Topics include process analysis, financial basics, and the interaction between standard business reports such as the balance sheet, the income statement, and the statement of cash flows, and the major activities every business pursues. Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Determine the potential bottlenecks in a business process, so you know what to target for improvement.
  • Analytically compare various options for process improvement so you select the best one.
  • Oversee the core business activities of finance, investing, and operations, using standard business reports to monitor your progress.

Introduction to Marketing and Managerial Leadership

Introduction to Marketing and Managerial Leadership concerns two more basics every business person must master: marketing and managerial leadership. Learning begins with classic marketing principles such as features/benefits, the 3 Cs, segmenting and defining a target market, and the 4 Ps. It then shifts to differentiating and honoring both management and leadership skills, diving in on each element of the POLC[S] model of managerial excellence, and ending with important thoughts about a manager’s ethics. Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Complete a marketing and sales plan that includes strategic analysis – company, customers, and competition – as well as tactics of segmenting and targeting customers, pricing, placing, positioning, and promoting your product/service.
  • Blend both the strategic [leadership] and the tactical [management] aspects of leading your business.
  • Use the POLC[S] model, including associated best practices, to structure your approach to business management and leadership.

Who Should Apply

This fully online course is aimed at anyone seeking to build a strong foundation in key business, management, and leadership concepts.

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UCLA Anderson Executive Education
Last updated April 26, 2019
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