Double Degree In Business Administration (ADE) And Economy

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Double Degree In Business Administration (ADE) And Economy

ESde Business School


The Double Degree in Business Administration and Economics allows students to form based on the tools and techniques required to address the operation and consequences of economic systems, in order to develop the ability to identify and anticipate opportunities, allocate resources, organize information, select and motivate people , decision making, achieving objectives and evaluate results.

The aim of the Double Degree in Business Administration and Economics It is to provide graduates knowledge and skills of the company, address and manage their departments, focused, also from the perspective of the current economic situation. They are professionals who are able to understand the dynamism of the world economy and achieve transform it into a strong organizational strategy, with an interdisciplinary approach to problem management and reaction to change.

  • Acquire business management skills and understanding of the world economy.
  • Develop the skills necessary to become professional specialists in the management of all types of situations in environments of uncertainty.
  • Mastering an analyst and decision-making character, due to its plan of multidisciplinary studies.
  • Apply the principles of economic analysis to diagnosis and troubleshooting, set within a competitive organizational strategy.

Professional outings Double Degree in Business Administration and Economics Business School ESDE:

  • Private companies from different sectors, assuming functions of medium or high responsibility, in any of its functional areas: production, human resources, finance, marketing, management or accounting.
  • Public administration and international economic organizations.
  • Consulting, auditing and consulting in any of the functional areas of business.
  • Banking and specialized financial services companies.
  • Universities and training centers, such as teaching and research staff.


The electives Double Degree in Business Administration and Economics Business School ESDE are distributed in the following areas:


  • Business Organization and Market Research: where will acquire the ability to define the organizational structure of work in the business world as well as to ensure proper orientation of their actions and strategies.
  • Accounting and Taxation: It is essential to integrate the ability to implement and control systems for financial, accounting and tax business information under accounting regulations on business training.
  • Finance: with these subjects students develop managerial skills that every company needs in the financial and accounting areas, which can address the most complex challenges in this environment.


  • Economic Analysis: allows students to deepen the topics covered in lower grades. The training received enables them to work in research services, consulting, international institutions, or engage in teaching and research.
  • International, Regional and Urban Economics: This intensification addresses issues related to economic globalization, as well as aspects related to development and international cooperation. Aspects of the environment, territorial planning and urban and industrial development are also collected.
  • Business Economics and Languages: This specialization students acquire the necessary knowledge to work in a business environment of the banking sector or industrial type. To complement the materials of English allow students perform management or exporters engaged in international business.


The VIU has not established evidence of access and / or special admission to this degree. Since this degree is framed in the field of Arts and Humanities, the next priority access titration Double Degree from the School and Vocational Training:

  • Bachelor Mode Science and Technology
  • Bachelor Mode Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Training Course Higher Level Training of professional families of Directors, Administration and Management, Trade and Marketing

degree is awarded with the International University of Valencia.

This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish (Spain)

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