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Program Description


The norms and policies of the European Union underline more and more the economic and social importance of cooperation policies between countries, focusing on training as the decisive qualitative factor for the modernization and innovation of productive apparatuses, the labor market, the processes of instruction and culture and to achieve more equitable levels of democratic participation and just social integration; In order to achieve a more modern system of education and training and to obtain a knowledge-based economy that is more competitive and dynamic worldwide, the European Union contributes to the development of quality instruction and that is why it encourages cooperation between Member States and extra-European countries through three fundamental axes:

  • Knowledge construction
  • Development of a cultural space.
  • Association of citizens for the construction of their countries.

Academic education must be able to anticipate and prepare for the needs of a new society based increasingly on the knowledge and learning capacities of its members, developing new competences and capabilities also thanks to innovation and an equitable redistribution of knowledge, responsibilities in making decisions, organizational models, instruments to act; in the modern society of knowledge, continuous training, competences, professionalism and the demands of innovation represent a fundamental, priority and unrenounceable need both for Italy and for all European nations and for the whole civilized world; academic training, due to its high qualitative level and its interdisciplinary perspective, offers suitable cultural instruments to achieve an in-depth and specific knowledge of the phenomena it deals with.

The International School of Doctorate of Madrid has been created, for the coordination, organization and management of the doctorate studies of the University, of the activities inherent to the formation and development of doctoral students and other activities coherent with the research and innovation strategy of the University. This coordination results in synergies in the use of resources and an intensification of the interdisciplinary training of doctoral students, a characteristic and essential aspect of the doctorate. In this sense, the Doctoral School in Spain organizes training activities and common seminars for all doctoral students, in which they are exposed to research topics in disciplines other than their own, thus contributing to stimulate interdisciplinarity and adaptation to demands of the society of the doctorate programs and allows to mobilize the potentialities of the University and its research networks.

Within the academic functions of the School will be those of:

  • Plan and propose the Doctoral Programs that are offered at the International Doctoral School, promoting the highest quality in the development of said programs, in accordance with the concerns and initiatives of the academic departments.
  • Coordinate and participate actively in the processes of evaluation of the quality of the programs: in the verification, follow-up and accreditation.
  • Plan, disseminate, organize and supervise the activities inherent to the formation and development of doctoral studies, aimed at doctoral students and researchers linked to the International Doctoral School with the aim of complying with the acquisition of the competences established in the verified reports , on the one hand, and promote the research and pedagogical excellence of the University's teaching staff.
  • The representation and participation in institutions or activities related to training in the field of research will fall on the International Doctoral School.
  • Establish assessment criteria for doctorates, according to the training and professional objectives of each program.
  • Monitoring and control of the programs regarding the evaluation of the training and research activities of the doctorates.
  • Assign teaching to the training activities that organize and evaluate the teaching activity of the teaching staff that participates in the teaching of them.
  • Promote quality measures of the doctoral theses prepared in the doctoral programs, promoting indicators of excellence and impact.
  • Promote collaboration with external entities and researchers to encourage internationalization and research excellence.
  • In the case of interuniversity programs, the Doctoral School will assume the functions of coordination with the consortium institutions.
  • Encourage the mobility of professors and students linked to the doctorate.

Finality of the doctorate

Regardless of the corresponding Curriculum, and its respective regulatory regulations, the Doctorate courses are aimed at the advanced training of the student in the research techniques and will include the preparation, presentation and reading of the Doctoral Thesis.

The Doctoral Thesis will consist of an original research work developed by the doctoral student in any field of knowledge. The thesis should enable the doctoral student to work independently in the field of ID i.

The PhD program launched by Pegaso International enables scientific research in areas characterized by the theme of development, understood in its broader semantic value, referring both to aspects related to the growth of the person and the problems of group development. social, the emancipation of the marginal subjects, the intercultural conflict, the rules of civil coexistence, the discipline of behavior, social action and international conflict, up to considerations on culture, art, health, quality of life and the management of innovation in institutions.

Formation activities

The training activity of the doctorate in law and education is carried out mainly online and has a very precise and marked interdisciplinary and intercultural curvature; is attentive to the research techniques and procedures required by the study of dynamic and complex evolutionary processes, also in the perspective of social policies and the management of global society, involving doctoral students in research programs, seminars, study meetings , according to a teaching project with a strong and specific identity and permanently exposed to moments of control and verification, both internal and external, also through participation in doctoral schools promoted by scientific societies, according to inter-university programs.

Ingresso profile

It is required that students who enter the online doctorate have completed a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in the areas of Social and Legal Sciences. To those students in whom the Academic Committee of the doctoral program detects any training deficiency, they may be required to complete training supplements, which may be the Research Methodology Module proposed in this Program, for those students who come from degrees of degree or postgraduate degree lacking such training, or any of the modules of the master's degree related to this Program, depending on the line of research in which the student intends to incorporate.

Admission requirements

It will be necessary to be in possession of the official titles of degree, or equivalent, and university master's degree. Be in possession of an official university degree, which enables access to a master's degree and have passed a minimum of 300 ECTS in the set of official university studies, of which at least 60 must be at the master's level. Be in possession of a degree obtained in accordance with foreign educational systems, without the need for homologation, after verification by the university that the degree accredits a level of education equivalent to the official Spanish university master's degree and that it authorizes in the issuing country title for access to doctoral studies. Be in possession of another Spanish doctorate degree obtained in accordance with previous university ordinances.

Last updated Mar 2020

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INISEG es un Instituto Internacional de Estudios que nació como una necesidad de entregar a sus futuros alumnos toda la formación, información de estudios, actividades y oportunidades profesionales qu ... Read More

INISEG es un Instituto Internacional de Estudios que nació como una necesidad de entregar a sus futuros alumnos toda la formación, información de estudios, actividades y oportunidades profesionales que se desarrollan en el área de la Seguridad Global. Read less
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