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Huma Resource

Doctor of Human Resource at AIU

Ph.D. in Human Resources explores the interpersonal relationships in the workplace. The students are imparted with the knowledge of policies and processes followed in an organization to ensure maximum productivity from the employees. The program entrusts candidates with the complex processes carried on in the global business environment. Candidates are made proficient in the skills of managing varied situations of business.

The program trains candidates with the skills related to hiring, staffing, understanding the needs of the employees, and training of staff. The management of humans as resources is considered to be one of the most complex fields of study. Through this program, students gain the perspective of dwelling into the maze and imbibing the nuances needed to become proficient human resource managers and recruiters in the future.

Ph.D. in Human Resources helps students think beyond traditional boundaries and apply their logical minds to analyze the problem at hand. Candidates are skilled to take up challenging tasks, develop critical thinking, and manage the resources in the most efficient manner. They have a plethora of opportunities in the areas of IT, Academics, Marketing Firms, and so on. The course envisages developing the abilities and competencies of students to help them explore their potential and use it in their future endeavors.


Ph.D. in Human Resources course trains candidates to become efficient human resource executives and managers, exploring the varied fields of employment. Imbibed with the skills to maintain and manage the daily workings of the field, this program objectifies to aid students in solving the complexity involved in the stream and the global business environment.

Doctorates have lucrative job scopes in the areas of IT, Marketing as well as Academics. They also have job scopes in the areas of personnel management and development firms, as well as can opt for the profession of lecturers in reputed colleges and universities. Students go on to become Human Resource Supervisor, Training Coordinator, Management Trainee, Sales Representative, and much more.

Sales Representative

Selling of retail products, goods, and services to customers. Designing methodologies to ensuring a smooth sales process. Manage referrals, generation of the new sales lead. 

Human Resource Supervisor

Developing and administering programs and policies related to human resources. Work includes staffing, compensation, training, safety, security, and carrying out the immigration process. 

Management Trainee

Conducting training of employees for supervisory and managerial positions. Work includes equipping the staff with the required skills to become efficient and responsible managers.

Human Resource Recruiter

The hiring of staff, formulate recruitment plans, and development of job descriptions.


Entrust knowledge of the subject using different methodologies to make them competent to take up lucrative jobs.

Training Coordinator

Work in coordination with the manager for creating newer methods of training, manage the design, and develop and conduct training programs.

Human Resource Generalist

Is responsible to manage the day to day functions of HR operations, management of administration policies, procedures, and programs of the organization.

Deputy Manager

They work in coordination with the staff carrying out the functions of planning, coordination, development, and administration of projects.

Human Resource Manager

Monitoring the programs and policies of the organizations in relation to employee relations, compensation, safety performance, staffing, and benefits.

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