Doctoral Program - DBA (Online)


Program Description

Aston American University is looking for doctoral candidates with innovative and original ideas, students who want to bring to the table a new perception of their field of interest and to enhance the world with their new perspective.

The Doctoral (DBA) program is a rigorous academic program reflecting independent mastery of a specialized field of knowledge and the successful pursuits of original research. Efforts require academic discipline together with a significant commitment of time and effort. It involves highly focused study in a particular area of interest and culminates in the research efforts of original work. Aston American University offers online doctoral programs that are flexible and convenient, allowing students to work toward their degree from anywhere and any time. As students work to progress their professional goals, one of Aston American University’s highly qualified docatoral mentors will assist each student with an individualized and personalized experience.

The Doctoral DBA program represents an extended academic study into a particular field of knowledge with a clearly defined objective. Students will work closely with their professors who will also provide mentorship to obtain approvals in each step of the doctoral learning process. Those who earn the DBA degree must be able to demonstrate significant intellectual achievement and must contribute to their respective field of investigation via scholarly knowledge. The Doctoral DBA program is focused on a dissertation, which allows students to choose the desired topic and investigate it in depth. Aston American University will assign students a guiding professor who specializes in the field of interest and will follow the student’s progression. DBA topics may include but not limited to:

  • Leadership
  • General Business Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Management

Learning Objectives

Graduates of the AAUN Doctor of Business Administration program will be prepared to:

  1. Evaluate business theory and practice from an international perspective.
  2. Formulate effective solutions to complex, real-world business problems.
  3. Apply current research literature to practical issues found within a business setting.
  4. Evaluate scholarly research in business and management.
  5. Design rigorous research in the English language that contributes to the professional body of business knowledge.
  6. The ability to make effective decisions by integrating theories, insights, and practical knowledge.
  7. Evaluate cultural, ethical, and global issues and their impact on the business environment.

The docatal program consists of the following core courses:

15 Core Classes

DBA7000 Introduction to Advanced Graduate Studies (Intro to Literature Review) 4
DBA7100 Research and Analysis 4
DBA7200 Strategic Decision Making for Competitive Advantage 4
DBA7300 Quantitative Research and Analysis 4
DBA7400 Global Economics 4
DBA7500 Legal Environment of Global Business 4
DBA7600 International Finance 4
DBA7700 Global Ethics - Policies, Rules, Regulations 4
DBA7800 Innovative Marketing in Globally Diverse Markets 4
DBA7900 Management of Technological Systems 4
DBA8000 Risk Management and Assessment (Project) 4
DBA8100 Apprenticeship or Consulting Capstone 4
DBA8200 Doctoral Study Prospectus 4
DBA8300 Doctoral Study Proposal 4
DBA8400 Doctoral Study Culmination 4
General Credits in Total: 60

Style Guide for Reports, Theses, and Dissertations

The program will guide students through the various parts of the DBA program. As students progress through the program, the first step is to submit a research proposal, which students will present to the Dissertation Committee. The committee will give approval to proceed or give necessary feedback in order to make appropriate adjustments. Students will be cooperating with an academic mentor who will supervise, provide guidance, and help with the process. Every six months, students will have an in depth online meeting with their academic mentor.

The dissertation is an essential aspect of the DBA program, and every candidate for the DBA program must prepare and submit a dissertation. It is a formal written document that represents sustained research or the investigation in an important intellectual issue. The dissertation must be an independent effort, which contributes to the field in which it is written. All dissertations must meet rigorous academic standards and be professionally prepared in a format suitable for reproduction and written in English.

The standard format and style reference guide for all academic writing for Aston American University is the APA Formatting 6th Edition. This handbook should be consulted to determine the format, style, reference citation criteria, and standard conventions for writing all reports, papers, theses and dissertations.

Transfer of Credits from Other Schools

No transfer credits allowed.

Academic Calendar

Aston American University’s full-time Doctoral Research (Ph.D.) program takes 18-24 months to complete. Courses are based on a flexible and self-learning structure to accommodate each student’s business and personal responsibilities.

Exam System and Course Passing

Students are required to pass a final examination at the end of each course. A minimum score of 70% on the final examination is needed in order to successfully pass the course.

E-Learning System

The e-learning system is an online educational management system with tailored course materials where students and lecturers interact. Course materials include presentations, readings, videos, assignments, quizzes, and a final exam. Following enrollment, a unique username and password will be issued for each student to access the e-learning platform.

Last updated Mar 2019

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Aston American University is flexible and provides a refined, technological education for students around the world. As we continue to embrace our diverse students with caring and personalized support, we look forward to meet the higher education goals of our diverse group of applicants each year. Read less