Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


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Program Description

Empowering faithful Christian leaders for every generation, culture, and community

Greetings from Carey Theological College!

We are a school leading the way in globally-informed theological education. Our Doctor of Ministry program is based on solid evangelical, biblical, and theological foundations, and will hold you to rigorous academic standards while challenging you to think and act with faithfulness towards God's world. We have arranged world-class faculty to facilitate your ministry research as you interact with peers representing diverse cultures and backgrounds. Carey's beautiful campus facilities are cradled in the midst of the University of British Columbia, one of the world’s best universities. Through our interactive online courses and mentorship learning model, you can choose to study from anywhere in the world or join us in person!

Our vision is to see you flourish as a Christian leader for your generation, your culture, and your community.

If you sense that God is urging you to grow deeper into ministry, we’d love to speak with you. Get in touch to see how we can build a course of studies tailored to your unique needs.

Program Snapshot

  • Program Director: Dr. William Brackney
  • Academic Qualifications: Master of Divinity Degree (or equivalent) from an institution accredited by the association of theological schools with at least a B+ average
  • Suitable Candidates: Professionals who graduated with a master's degree and would like to see further continuing education in a specialized area of ministry
  • Total Credits: 30
  • Program Tuition: $450 per credit
  • Part-time Study Duration: 4 years

Streams of Specialization 

Preaching and Worship

The Preaching and Worship Stream seeks to explore aspects of preaching and worship in the Christian Church, with particular reference to the Evangelical experience. By working with subject specialists and experienced practitioners, students will read broadly and reflect on their own experience in ministry.

Global Christianity and Cross-cultural Ministries

Global Christianity and Cross-cultural Ministries Stream is designed to explore the interaction of Christian doctrine and ethics within the Christian traditions and with other religious traditions. Of particular interest are human rights, emerging geo-political issues, and global spiritualities.

Administrative Ministries

The Administrative Ministries Stream is designed to equip those who are called to various forms of leadership in the churches and parachurch organizations in senior administrative positions.

Emerging Congregational Ministry

The Emerging Congregational Ministry Stream is designed to equip students to conduct congregational analyses, compare various models of congregational life, and contextualize emerging churches. Of particular interest are women in leadership roles, the ministry and mission of the whole people of God, and the dynamics of religious voluntarism.

Program Features

We believe that faithful Christian leaders must be able to thoughtfully integrate theology, mission, and ministry.

Through the Doctor of Ministry program, our faculty is committed to helping you become more:

  • faithful and joyful in your ministry.
  • thoughtful and intentional in how you allow theological concerns to inform matters in the real world.
  • encouraged and hopeful as you pursue your vocational fit.

The D.Min. program is embedded into the life of the church and is best suited to students who are able to regularly act and reflect in the context of a ministry setting. It is normally only offered to those who will be inactive ministry roles for the duration of the program.

Course Requirements

(Total: 30 credits)

1. Interdisciplinary ministry reflection & doctoral studies foundations (6 credits)

This module includes advanced library orientation and research methodology for doctoral studies, biblical, theological, historical, contextual, and cultural reflection for mission and ministry as well as character and spiritual formation through professional ministry reflection group participation.

Mandatory courses

  • DMOS900 - Graduate studies orientation - 0 credit
  • DMCO990 - Doctor of ministry foundation - 6 credits

2. Specialization electives (15 credits):

With a variety of options from Carey courses, conference courses, transfers, and a maximum of 2 courses offered as guided study, you and your supervisor work together to shape the curriculum in the direction most appropriate for your learning objectives. You may specialize in a focus area of your choice (e.G. Preaching, missional leadership, pastoral care, spiritual direction) or take a variety of courses as electives

15 credits of elective courses

Other guided studies or courses based upon approval by the d.Min. Program director 

3. Integration (9 credits):

The integration represents the final stage of the d.Min. Program. This includes the doctoral project proposal, ministry context engagement, and the writing of the doctoral thesis. You will be admitted into d.Min. Candidacy and will advance to the thesis stage upon the approval of your doctoral project proposal by the doctoral committee.

Mandatory courses:

  • MNTR 900 - Online peer ministry reflection group - 1 credit
  • MNTR 901 - Online peer ministry reflection group - 1 credit
  • DMPS906 - Doctoral project - 7 credits
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