Best Online Diploma Programs in Fashion 2019

When looking to start a new career, a diploma program can help students gain the skills and knowledge they need. Many of these programs offer comprehensive classroom instruction as well as real-world experience. These programs typically last one or two years, offering a focused period of study.

Individuals may be wondering, “what is a diploma in fashion?” It is a program of study where scholars can learn about designing, manufacturing and selling clothing and accessories. In these programs, students can study the artistic side of the industry in classes such as drawing, design techniques, trends and styling. Learners may also study the business aspects of fashion in courses on sales and marketing.

There are many benefits to earning a diploma in fashion. You can deepen your creativity and improve your style. You also have the potential to work all around the world in such a global industry.

When it comes to obtaining a diploma in fashion, it is important that prospective students know how much it will cost. Contacting the institution directly is the best way to determine total fees, as this will vary by program location and duration.

Obtaining a diploma in fashion can open doors to a career in the exciting fashion industry. Program participants could go on to work with or as fashion designers. They may have the option of joining a department store in a role that helps decide what clothes are sold, such as retail buyer, retail manager or merchandiser. Students could also start their own businesses selling the clothes and accessories they make or work as stylists for private clients.

When selecting a program to earn a diploma in fashion, students have many options. Busy individuals can take classes part-time, and many institutions also offer distance-learning opportunities. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Toronto Film School

The Designing for Fashion Diploma is geared towards the budding fashion designer seeking to develop their skills in the fashion business. Industry professionals will teac ... [+]

Top Online Diploma Programs in Fashion. Designing for Fashion Diploma

The Designing for Fashion Diploma is geared towards the budding fashion designer seeking to develop their skills in the fashion business. Industry professionals will teach you about designing and making clothing for yourself, friends and ultimately the consumer. You will hone the skills needed to start your own fashion brand, whether it’s bridal, evening wear, eco-friendly clothing or streetwear, or use these skills to enter the exciting world of fashion as part of a design team. The program will take you from the basics of sketching your own designs to ultimately creating your own collection. You will also learn the inner workings of the fashion industry, and how to effectively promote your brand, increase exposure, and achieve success in the industry.... [-]

Canada Toronto
October 2019
24 months
The Design Ecademy - Online Design Courses

Accredited Fashion Styling course if you want a Fashion Styling career in 2 yrs with potential for full BA. Online courses, no experience or qualifications required ... [+]

THE Fashion Styling course for anyone SERIOUSLY building a career as a Fashion Stylist

This Fashion Styling Course is an internationally recognised award that will give you the skills and knowledge to work in the dynamic and highly competitive arena of commercial Fashion Styling. Commercial Fashion Styling blends fashion know-how with business savvy; it’s where you (the Fashion Stylist) present a look or visual display in a way that grabs consumers’ attention and makes them desire the product enough to buy! A commercial fashion stylist may deal with everything from designer catwalk shows to fashion adverting and marketing campaigns and you may also be involved in producing short films for commercials, music videos or corporate training. Commercial fashion styling can be demanding and challenging but all successful stylists will agree it is exciting, rewarding and lucrative if you get it right…... [-]