Diploma of Specialization in Protected Natural Areas as a Support for Sustainable Rural Development


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Program Description

Presentation and objectives

The sustainable development of rural areas and the design of protected natural spaces (ENPs) is regulated by recent national regulations (Law of the National Parks Network; Law of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity; and Law for the sustainable development of rural areas) , where the criteria to be followed for the definition of land uses and the delimitation and management of ENPs are presented.

Well-managed ENPs are effective tools for the protection and conservation of nature (biodiversity and geodiversity). In this way, the eco- and geosystemic services that it offers are ensured. To carry out a sustainable management, which has a positive impact on the social and economic environment of the ENP, it will be necessary to reach a synergy between the rural population and the managers of the ENP, so that the former make the ENP their own and incorporate it into their cultural heritage , and the latter are capable of inserting the customs of the environment into the management of the ENP, facilitating the design of new sustainable activities. Among the latter, nature tourism should be considered as a socially and economically dynamic activity in the rural environment.

An increasingly pressing problem for sustainable rural development is the incidence of global change in nature (biodiversity and geodiversity). For this, it will be necessary to know what the situation of natural systems is from the analysis of environmental indicators that reveal this incidence. From this perspective, the ENPs are areas where these indicators can be better monitored, since there is a rich natural heritage in them.

The objective of these studies is to provide the students who study them with the necessary tools to address the stimulation of social and economic activity in rural regions, having as a fundamental support the knowledge, management and sustainable use of their natural systems.


Teaching methodology

As it is a blended degree, the teaching methodologies will be varied and adjusted to the modality, virtual or face-to-face, designed for each module. The virtual campus is conceived as a basic tool for the development of the virtual program and as a means of communication in general for the degree students. The tutors will have the task of stimulating and facilitating their learning.

Place and date of celebration

This course, which will be taught from April 26 to September 17, 2021 through the virtual platform of this university, has a face-to-face phase from July 14 to 17, 2021, in the morning and afternoon. The face-to-face classes will be given at the Antonio Machado Headquarters of the International University of Andalusia (Baeza, Jaén).


This Specialization Diploma is aimed at:

  • Graduates / graduates in Biology, Geology, Environmental Sciences and Tourism.
  • Graduates / graduates in Veterinary Medicine, Marine Sciences, Geography, Cartographic Engineering and Geodesy, Forestry Engineers and Agronomists Engineers.
  • Other qualifications.

Academic program

The distribution of the 30 ECTS credits that the program consists of is as follows:

  • Module 1- General aspects (8 ECTS credits).
  • Module 2 - Sustainability and Protected Natural Areas (9 ECTS credits).
  • Module 3 - Rural Development and Protected Natural Areas (6 ECTS credits).
  • End of degree or external internship project - 7 ECTS credits.
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