Diploma of Specialization in Conflict Management and Mediation


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Program Description

Presentation and objectives

After decades in which the high cost of managing conflicts through the courts has been observed, both in material and personal resources, the need arises to create a tool that could cover, more quickly, many of the conflicts that resulted in legal proceedings.

Against this background, the urgent need arises to make use of mediation as an alternative for conflict resolution. Consequently, society is given greater participation in decision-making and in the alternative resolution of existing conflicts.

In order to achieve its objective, the mediator has the mission of facilitating communication channels to facilitate the construction of a space that allows adequate management of the existing conflicts between the parties. In this way, the role of the mediator is of great importance, requiring the knowledge and development of skills necessary to carry out an adequate job. Therefore, it is mandatory that the mediation professional has an academic training that allows an adequate professional performance.

The main purpose of this study plan is for students to acquire the necessary skills to practice the profession of mediator. Therefore, knowledge of Mediation as a form of conflict management is a priority. Depending on the scope of application, it will require, in addition to knowledge of mediation as a methodology, knowledge of the specific matter raised: family and minors, community, police, school, health and work. They are competences where Mediation has much to say in the face of the devastating situation of the judicial management of these conflicts. For this reason, the second priority would be the training and knowledge of the students of the legal framework corresponding to the family and minors in order to know the limits for the negotiation that all Mediation implies.

It is a fact that, at present, there are many autonomous communities that have regulated the exercise of this profession, and it can be seen how, specific training is required, which can be obtained through the completion of this training plan. Giving access to accreditation as a mediation professional in the registries of the Ministry of Justice, in the registry of mediators of the Junta de Andalucía and other autonomous communities, as well as in the registry of various professional associations and social entities.


Access requirements and admission criteria

Given the transversality of the specialization in mediation, the basic requirement will be to be a Diploma, Graduate and Graduate in all knowledge areas. However, at the time of selection, the most related degrees will be taken into account depending on the selected specialization itinerary.

Regarding the admission of students, the following weighting criteria will be taken into account and students will be ordered according to the score obtained in the following criteria:

  • Note of the academic record (50%).
  • Years of professional experience related to or complementary to the Study Plan. For each year worked, a score of 1 point will be computed, taking into account that the maximum number of years computed will be 15. Therefore, the percentage will be made according to the apportionment of the credited years (50%).
  • For access to the itineraries, the affinity according to the area of knowledge will be taken into account, with priority the degrees most closely related by the Branch of knowledge linked to the specialization.
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