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Program Description


Are you ready to lead highly profitable real estate projects?

Due to the current expectations of the real estate market in Mexico, tools and actions are required that favor and promote the profitability of the business and that generate more value for investors and clients.

We are sure that in this program you will find, develop and apply all the necessary elements to meet the needs and expectations of the market, allowing you to develop successfully in the real estate sector.

This diploma is designed to maximize the decisions and strategies that you, as a real estate entrepreneur, need to meet the goals and objectives of your projects.

We will review unique topics and innovative tools, especially aimed at real estate professionals who want to know and apply the best planning and evaluation options for their real estate business. Mtro. Fernando González Figueroa, Coordinator of the Diploma in Planning and Evaluation of Real Estate Businesses

LIVE mode

It is a modality that allows you to enjoy your Continuing Education classes in real time, wherever you are.


All your learning is significant thanks to the use of real cases and the approach to applicability in your work environment.


Interact with the best teachers and classmates from around the world participating in virtual sessions in real time.


Take advantage of the technology of a digital platform to further enrich your learning experience.


Experience an educational model that puts you, the participant, at the center.

Objective of the Program

With this diploma in live mode, you will learn to design a feasibility and feasibility plan for a sustainable, sustainable and innovative real estate project, with which you can obtain the best profitability for your business, analyzing the various commercial, financial, legal and fiscal factors.

Addressed to

It is ideal for real estate investors, real estate agency advisers as well as administrative managers and consultants of real estate companies with at least 1 year of experience in the sector and who want to grow their career or business.

What makes this program unique ?

  • A diploma focused on professionals like you who work in the real estate sector and who want to grow their career and business.
  • A program where you will live a constant interaction with the program participants and the experts thanks to the synchronous sessions.
  • You will have a highly practical learning with activities related to the topics presented, where the participant will solve a problem situation in their work environment.
  • Upon completion of your diploma, you will obtain a digital blue badge with blockchain technology to strengthen your digital resume and demonstrate your skills quickly and safely on digital platforms.

How will you live your learning ?

  • Focus on applicability in your work environment
  • Accompaniment of your instructor
  • Much of the program is taught in synchronous sessions
  • Small groups to maximize interaction with experts
  • Virtual learning platform



  • 96 hours
  • 12 modules


  • Module 1: Main Variables that Impact the Real Estate Services Sector
  • Module 2: Real Estate Developer Strategic Plan
  • Module 3: Construction of the Real Estate Business Model
  • Module 4: Real Estate Marketing
  • Module 5: Real Estate Marketing Processes
  • Module 6: Sales Promotion and Customer Service
  • Module 7: Civil and Registry Aspects in Real Estate Matters
  • Module 8: Tax Aspects in Real Estate Matters
  • Module 9: Ways to Group Property
  • Module 10: Real Estate Financial Planning
  • Module 11: Funding Sources
  • Module 12: Comprehensive Financial Analysis and Evaluation of the Real Estate Project

Why are we the best ally for your professional development ?

  • Best private university in Mexico, QS University Rankings 2020
  • In the top 3 of the best universities in Latin America QS University Rankings: Latin America 2020
  • # 1 University in Mexico in the opinion of employers QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020
  • Our online and live programs are designed to enhance your learning experience with the use of digital tools.
  • Learn from experts with a master's and doctorate degrees with a long academic and professional career .
  • You live a learning that is always meaningful and applicable to the challenges of your work environment.
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